Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammy Report/Chris Brown Listens to Prodigy???

Another year, another Album of the Year awarded to living legends instead of youthful energy making an artistic statement. This decade has been where the Grammys make up for past transgressions by honoring old veterans (Steely Dan??, O Brother, Where Art Thou???, Herbie Hancock??, now Plant and Krauss???). Seriously, the only reason I watch is because of the performances and hopeful that something doesn’t go according to plan. Here’s some quick hits…

- Jonas Bros overkilled Superstition…why the heck do you let those boys sing with a legend? Shoot, even Adele dissed them on the sly when she won Best New Artist. That’s the highlight of their career right there.
- Speaking of Adele, I NEVER heard that song before but she definitely does not sing how she looks. I’d love to hear her and Joss Stone duet since they both got genuine soul in their voice
- Katy Perry, love ya girl but how you gonna let Miley Cyrus out-sing you. Hate to say it, but KP just can’t sing live and I’ve seen her twice now.
- Carrie Underwood went out the box for the 2nd straight year but I was more impressed with her guitarist.
- Coldplay is indeed the new U2 (and looked like the new Beatles). They are a band that Grammy loves to death and its almost a guarantee they'll win major awards.
- On second thought, the Grammy do love them some British people period. NOBODY American for Record of the Year cept for Allison Krauss (and the Grammys love her a lot).
- Swagga Like Us killed their performance...and I guess M.I.A. is a little pregnant, eh?? That would have been one heck of a child-birth on stage. Man, I need to see her live one day.
- Four Tops performance with Smokey, Jamie and Ne-Yo was just classy…sometimes you just need to see pure singing/showmanship once in a while.
- Lil Wayne kept it New Orleans style….not bad kid.
- I guess the theme of the night was dance around if you were a performer. I haven’t seen Bono that amped in years, Chris Martin did his “Viva” dance and freaking Thom Yorke was looking spaz-matic up there (although it gave me a good reason to check out “15 Step” even though I could barely hear the lyrics)
- Keith Urban’s a pretty good guitarist. But I wish somebody could’ve shown B.B. King and Buddy Guy a LITTLE bit more during the Bo Diddley tribute and they didn’t cut it off.
- Blink-182 is BACK! Even though Tom looked a little distant, I believe they are genuinely happy to be back and glad Travis is still alive.
- Jennifer Hudson was moving...amazing at the Super Bowl, amazing at the Grammys.
Of course there were plenty of screwjobs (Album/Song of the Year???). Congrats to Lil Wayne but I just wish he didn’t sweep the rap categories (Love “A Milli” but it’s not better than N.I.*.*.E.R. or Roc Boys, “Mr. Carter” was better than “Swagga Like Us”, and eh I know Best Rap Album was his but we all know the other 4 albums were better). Overall, the Grammys are like that irrelevant holiday…we don’t wanna observe it, but we do it anyway because its tradition. Congrats to Chrisette Michele, Ne-Yo, Metallica, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Toby Mac, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin and John Mayer.

Too bad Chris Brown stole the show and he wasn’t even there. By now, everybody knows that he went allegedly went Ike Turner/Prodigy on Rihanna early Sunday morning. Dude must have forgot who he was and spent most of the Grammy ceremonies as a fugitive before turning himself in. (LA Times confirmed police reports that it was her).

TMZ is reporting Rihanna was jacked up with two contusions on her head, bloody lip and nose. Now before we kill this dude, lets also remember that the Lamborghini was busted up in the accident so chances are the injuries could have come from the crash. Let’s also remember that Chris Brown is over 6 feet and skinny and Rihanna is practically a twig so if he followed Liam Howlett’s advice, those bruises are possible.

Hitting a woman is wrong. Probably among the first things you learn as a man is never put your hands on the fairer sex. Chris Brown is wrong and deserves all the hell he’s catching along with the LAPD investigation. BUT is it wrong to also ask if Rihanna did anything to escalate the situation due to reports there was a domestic disturbance before the assault.

Too often we blame the man for laying his hands on a woman without asking if the woman (a) hit him first after he tried to walk away, (b) pushed him past his limit and kept going. I’m not trying to assume that a woman is asking to get hit upon but for guys who don’t have a violent temper like Brown (and from knowing myself that arguments can escalate), we have to be critical of the woman as well until we know for sure what happened. Rihanna has been to be jealous and if the alleged 3rd party was trying to hit on Chris (according to Illseed’s rumors so take that with a salt shaker)….aight I’m getting ahead of myself.

Understand that in no way am I justifying spousal abuse (boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife). If you hit a woman, you’re a punk and a pussy for hitting someone who is physically weaker. In the same vein, a woman is a punk for hitting a guy, someone who won’t fight back. We target bullies for doing the same thing so ladies need to be called out for hitting men. Neither is acceptable.

The irony of this dude re-enacting James Brown two years ago on the Grammys and pulling an Ike Turner this year. Maybe he should consider acting. But thoughts and prayers to them both right now…I hope Rihanna recovers from her injuries and I hope Chris takes into consideration what he’s done and I pray the truth comes out.

I'll speak on A-Rod tomorrow in the Sports Report...he gave a great apology today BUT let me say snitching on a confidential document is not low, it's ILLEGAL! It's become a witch hunt and there's a lot of people who need to be blamed for this besides A-Rod.

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  1. I really enjoyed Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift's duet as well as the Bo Diddley and Four Tops tributes (as those were the only performances I watched).

    As for Chris Brown and Rihanna... the whole thing makes me sad.