Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Electric Relaxation: Rusty Cage (Soundgarden)

For the record, Chris Cornell is my favorite singer in rock. I was geeked about Audioslave because it combined one of my favorite vocalists with one of my favorite bands. And I love gaining a better appreciation for Soundgarden - for the record, I don't see any of the Big Seattle 4 as grunge bands, they all had their own style that embodied great rock.

Anyways I discovered "Rusty Cage" this year thanks to my favorite talk radio show Petros And Money, who played it when former NBA player Don McLean came on. I just love it because it's perfect driving music - starts off with a slow intro that builds into a pulsating rhythm that demands you bang your head and get hyped.

A word of advice - listening to this song while driving will make you break speed laws.

It's got three parts and honestly the last part drives me crazy. Its a sludge that kinda drags the song's energy down but its like hammering the final nails home. Hard to appreciate but essential in the long run.

I related to the words especially this year. Sometimes I just wanted to break away from things and just run away. I felt like I was shaking the cage of my life, my job and I was just antsy - hoping I could find something better to just make me free.

"I'm gonna break my rusty cage and run" - thats my theme of hope.

But enjoy the listen. Chris and Kim Thayil just murder that riff in the first part and Chris drives the lyrics home.

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