Sunday, October 17, 2010

Football Wrap Week 6 Part 1 (BCS spells BS)

This is a screwy football season. There's no words to say it better and our favorite 3-letter curse word makes it annual trip.

With Ohio State eating the dust in Wisconsin, Oregon is by far the No. 1 team in the country but according the 1st week of the BCS poll, they're No. 2 behind Oklahoma. What's worse? Only one of the computers ranking the system has the Ducky Boys higher than No. 7-11.

The BCS also uses the Harris Poll and the coaches poll, which both have Oregon ranked No. 1. I just want to know what sane college writer would dare name 6-10 teams better than Oregon and then tell me how a computer could figure that out.

I already laid out my argument a few weeks ago on how balanced they are. Their lack of defense should be addressed by how they shut down Stanford and QB Andrew Luck for 3 quarters. As I tweeted Sunday, in what world is that possible?

A world where the BCS is not allowed to use the Associated Press poll, a decision that AP made in 2004 because they felt it violated their integrity to be impartial. Guess they saw the future like the rest of us.

Back to the poll - all eyes will be on Boise State to see how close they remain to the Top 2 as well as TCU. Of course, Boise is ranked No. 2 in the AP and coaches poll but that didn't help them from being No. 3 in the BCS. Both teams need Oregon State to do well to help their cause although losing to Washington didn't help.

The BCS #1 is Oklahoma, who should roll through a weak Big 12 although their final match with Nebraska will have big implications for their future. I don't know how good the Sooners really are except I saw them blast a overrated Texas team. I don't see how this team is better is Oregon but the BCS loves some Bob Stoops so maybe that's why? (Realistically, I blame anti-West Coast bias).

Michigan State is my surprise team of the year (week?). If they keep rolling, we'll blame Big 10 schedule makers for keeping us from seeing them and Ohio State. They've already beaten Wisconsin and Michigan and should they beat Iowa in 2 weeks, there's no reason they aren't coming to Pasadena.

There's a 3-team SEC logjam that's gonna be fun watching unravel starting this weekend with LSU vs. Auburn. I'm on the Auburn bandwagon after seeing their offense Saturday and Cam Netwon showed me why he'll be on the Heisman radar. LSU is a shaky undefeated team that hasn't been tested and we'll how good they are facing Auburn and Alabama in the next two weeks. But my gut says Auburn wins and we wait for the Iron Bowl vs. Alabama on Nov. 26.

7 weeks to go. The college football season starts in earnest now. Parting gifts for Denard Robinson and Taylor Martinez being the darlings of the college football season - there's always next year fellas when y'all battle in the new Big 10.

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