Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gumbo on the Road - Day 2 (Texas Two Steppin)

Summing Up Day 2 quickly - 900 miles driven. Moved through Tucson to New Mexico to El Paso to Odessa to now Fort Worth. We should be reaching ATL by tomorrow night and I'm betting tomorrow will be an interesting drive rolling through most of the Southern states. Here's some of the shots I took on the road

(The Arizona desert was beautiful. Just to see the different ways it looked all the way around)

(Extra cool rock formation in AZ)

(One of several shirts in our New Mexico gas stop. Sign me up for this PETA!)

(They don't play in New Mexico. Light one up, they'll string you up. Add this to our Underground Railroad theme)

(Loved this really cool bird sculpture in the desert. Just hanging out there at random)

(The Rio Grande, folks. Not as wide as I expected but the closest I got to a good shot  since I drove through New Mexico and Texas' borders)

(Texas viddles - Steak Fingers, fries and texas toast. Chicken Fried Steak Fingers  is something we need to bring back to Cali for sure.)

(Last rest stop for the night in Colorado City after my last shift.  A lil nervewracking at 1st but I let Jesus take the wheel and help me get comfortable driving at night. Word to Carrie Underwood.)

(Finally, we touched down in Fort Worth and you know I had to get this. Can't not come to TX and not get  you some Whataburger. Oh, how I miss thee!!!!)
That's it for now. Tomorrow, we finish up Texas then ride through the South. I wonder how many folks will bug out down there seeing the ghost of Harriet Tubman on our truck.

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