Friday, April 27, 2012

LA Riots 20: The Trailer

Next week, I'm unveiling a project that means a lot to me. My retrospective of the Los Angeles Riots as the 20th anniversary. Why am I doing it? Why does it mean so much to me? This video explains it all.

I'm also sharing the link to my old 2009 article that quickly summarized the Riots in the aftermath of the staff meeting I discussed in the video. I'm using this as inspiration to go deeper and revisit/research some stories.

In addition to Ice Cube's Death Certificate/The Predator albums, I'm also being inspired by songs from the 2011 album "LA Riot" by Thurz, an LA rapper who decided to revisit the 20th anniversary in his own provocative way. So join me as I take a walk back down Memory Lane.

Part 1: The Prologue
Part 2: Rodney and LaTasha
Part 3: Christopher Commission/King Trial
Part 4: All Hell Breaks Loose

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