Monday, January 26, 2009

Virgosis Sports Report I

So a manic Monday at the office left me drained after a great weekend but I'm ready to drop sports talk on you. Just so you know, I rep the following teams.

Dallas Cowboys, San Diego Chargers, UCLA, L.A. Lakers, L.A. Dodgers, Duke basketball and of course my alma mater University of San Diego. And I cover HS sports so I'll be speakin on it when I can.

Now with that outta the way, here we go.

Right now, the Lakers are just rolling on a full tank. They are getting healthy again and at 35-8, they have the best record in the league. It's all good because 1) WC Player of the Week Andrew Bynum is crashing the boards (averaging just over 5 offensive boards a game) and being active on defense (4 blks versus San Antonio, 3 versus the Clippers), 2) Jordan Farmar is back (13 pts versus SA) which means Derek Fisher is the happiest person on Earth because he can rest, and 3) Kobe is on his Magic ish with his triple-doubles and being a facilitator.

I'm a bit worried about this upcoming 6-game roadie, which ends against Boston and Cleveland (i'm SURE theeey won't be motivated). If they can finish 5-1, I'll be satisfied as they'll get ready to spend most of the 2nd half on the road again (no Willie Nelson)

But they look hungry again and finally we can say that we are on the right track as a team scorned.

I swear I haven't seen a UCLA team this boring to watch since I've been watching the Bruins (15 years this fall!). They may be ranked but with all the talent they have, something is just missing.

Oh, thats it. They don't have any height. I watched that Washington game and it's clear that the lack of a low-post presence is killing their mojo. It's just like any shooting team, when the shots fall, you're on - when they don't, you're ICE COLD! It doesn't help that they don't do well in Seattle period.

Darren Collison's stock is falling (Stephen Curry is a better PG right now), Jrue Holiday is solid but imo not ready to jump to the league just yet, Josh Shipp is.....solid Josh Shipp, Alfred Aboya is a role player but not the man in the middle (and forget about young J'mison Morgan). The best player as of late has been Nikola Dragovic. And forget about the other freshmen, they're just biding time til next year. Who's the go-to-guy when you need a bucket?

(By the way, USC reminds me of the old Bruins under Steve Lavin. They win games they shouldn't and lose games they shouldn't.)

I've said this before to people. There's NO excuse why they can't run 'n' gun on offense while locking people down on defense. All those athletes and you can't score 70-80 a game?? I'm not saying give up the defense, but expand the offense PLEASE Ben Howland. I respect the guy immensely but the lack of an offense is not getting us back to the Final Four, heck it won't get us past the Sweet 16.

Been three years since the Devils been at No. 1 and I'm finally happy to see a good team in Durham. It's been a while dealing with the Devils since JJ Redick and Sheldon Williams were balling but they finally have some ballers worth noting now that Greg Paulus is thankfully the 6th man.

Gerald Henderson isnt just the guy that bloodied up Tyler Hansborough, he's the emotional leader of a team who can score in the clutch. Kyle Singler is just that nasty player that Coach K loves but he is a player who'll reach the pros. I love Nolan Smith running the point - I caught him 2 years ago when Oak Hill played out here and that dude is an athletic freak. He's matured into a solid player who doesnt make many mistakes. The key is if Brian Zoubek can just be a guy who can get boards because Duke has never had great height the last few years and at 7-1, he'll give some ease to Singler.

We'll see how they do against a good Wake Forest on the road Wednesday but next week, its time for THE RIVALRY in college bball. But one step at a time because Wake ain't no joke this year.
I'll save my Super Bowl picks for Friday. Enjoy your weekend as I finish enjoying 24

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