Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Roid/PED Rage (not what you think)

I said it once, I’ll say it again. Somebody linked to steroids six years ago isn't shocking like someone testing positive today.

Either all 104 of the names who tested positive in 2003 be released or somebody needs the balls to sue Major League Baseball for breach of contract. That is more outrageous than David Ortiz and Manny testing positive in 2003 allegedly.

Ortiz deserves the benefit of the doubt because he has been a vocal critic of steroid users and after reading his statement, I’m giving it to him. Dude got his career resurrected in Boston and has been a jovial figure in the game this decade. I would be sad if his name was linked but he said he had no idea what the positive came from.

Right now, I don’t care who tests positive because I believe most players playing right now are clean (please God, don’t let Pujols get a positive test. I’m more skeptical that somebody could drum up a positive test just to screw a guy.

But I am mad that this list is slowly being leaked this year. Where is the outrage at the New York Times breaking the law in the name of good reporting? Where is the outrage by the players union to threaten baseball or the Times with a lawsuit? The fans don’t even care by this point any more. Jose Canseco’s a prophet that people are starting to ignore because he preaches with ignoble intentions no matter how true he is.

Now Nomar Garciaparra is saying that people just said be positive so they could go above the 5% of MLB players necessary. I am just over it because it happened six years ago, not today. All that matters is whether or not guys’ Hall of Fame’s credentials are in jeopardy. The media is looking for blood to cover their tracks with righteous indignation and rightfully so, but we dont care. I assume innocent til proven guilty but i'm no fool anymore and i'm just like whatever.

The game itself, however, is better than ever. We talk about the past and yet there’s enough in the present to enjoy. But for the good of the game, either release the list or go after the people who are reporting the leaks. Reporters won’t give up their sources for good reason but we can also be charged with breaking the law in spite of that.

I did learn something today. One of my friends on Twitter told me that performance-enhancing drugs does increase bat speed which is interesting. I always assumed PED’s couldn’t replace your batting eye but just increase your power. This made me assume true hitters could still play without it but I guess not.

So to paraphrase Mark McGwire, I’m through talking about the past unless its relative to the present or the future. Failing a drug test six years ago would have no relevance to your job today unless you failed again or exhibited strange behavior as a result of it. Obviously, drug tests in real life don’t have to same impact as drugs in baseball but I still want something more than stuff that happened 6 years ago.

I’ll take my lineup of non-cheaters including Chipper Jones, Ken Griffey Jr., Trevor Hoffman, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio against anybody suspected of cheating and be happy every day of the year. Let’s get baseball back to where it should be…talking about my Dodgers getting shafted in St. Louis by our bullpen, sorting through these trades and such.

(By the way, I’m still not in full football mode, despite my first HS Football preview in my paper this week. I completely missed my fantasy football draft on yahoo and still scored – Clinton Portis anyone? – I’ll lay that out a lil bit later.)

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