Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hanging with Mickey and the Crew

So I'm busy in Orlando this week for my mom's birthday. Me and my sis decided to take her to Disney World instead of Disneyland and it's been a blast. It's my first in Orlando and I'm loving this humidity and night rain (not the thunderstorms of yesterday)...Epcot Center had me feeling like a kid again. I'll be posting pictures on Facebook afterwards and tomorrow we'll be hitting up the Animal Kingdom/Downtown Disney.

It's funny because as a kid I always wanted to be here. Everything Disney fascinated me back then and we always dreamed of seeing the bigger and better Disneyland. And I couldn't help but smile and be taken back to that little boy who watched Disney cartoons and was hooked.

Plus I love checking out different cities this time of year - i'm used to an L.A. summer so seeing it in Orlando is pretty cool. New York was burning up when I went in 2005 - humid and pleasant to watch a sunset from the other side of the coast.

I was tripped out yesterday because we landed in a thunderstorm complete with lightning. God's camera was out shining and we all got caught up. It was the perfect end to a delayed flight that had a bit of turbulence - fortunately, we landed a lot smoother than we feared because of the 25-30 mph winds that the captain alerted us to.

So yeah, that's Day 1 here in the Magic Kingdom, where I hoped to stir up trouble wearing my Lakers shirt but instead I got quite a few props. I got a steroids blog that I'm dropping right after this so hope you enjoy it. But Im loving this vacation after all that's been going on this summer.

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