Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back from the Dark Ages to Report in the Present

Apologies to my loyal readers. The last week has been absolutely hectic - the biggest thing is finally moving into our new house. After two months in a hotel, we're finally in our own beds, under a solid roof and parking our cars in a garage.

We moved in Thursday and kept moving stuff in the last few days. Unfortunately the internet hasn't arrived yet but it should be in tomorrow so I'll be able to do all those things I miss - tweet, blog, go live on blog TV, Net Surfin.

My phone has literally been my lifeline to the outside world, thank Blackberry for that. But the house is beautiful and all I can do is thank God for it because Mom followed a LOT of faith in the process and it's a blessing for her. I'll try to take pictures and post for y'all.

The whole process was humbling, a bit claustrophobic but interesting. I still have a key card from the hotel to remind me of it all and when I look out and see the view from our deck, I'm in awe of what God blessed us with.

Oh yeah, I got my baby back! My dog had to stay in a kennel for 2 months and she's back trying to get used to freedom. It's an adjustment but I'm giving her more of my time to let her feel some love.

Alritey, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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