Thursday, June 17, 2010

Game 7 - Something's Gotta Give

The two best words in Sports - Game 7. It gets no better than one game, winner take all, everyone's available to make it happen. The ultimate battle of wills.

Consider this. Michael Jordan only played in three Game 7's in his career - none in the Finals (Lost the 1990 Eastern Conf. Finals but won 1992 Eastern Conf Semis vs. the Knicks and the classic 1998 ECF vs. the Pacers). The greatest champion ever, Bill Russell, was 5-0 in NBA Finals Game 7's

Tonight, we're crowning a new champion. The NBA's greatest rivalry will take another chapter tonight in 7th Heaven for the 5th time. Something's gonna give tonight.

- Phil Jackson has never lost a series when winning Game 1

- The Lakers have never beat the Celtics in a Game 7 (1962, 1966, the infamous 1969 balloon game at the Forum and 1984's classic series with Larry Bird laughing at the Lakers bus)

- Boston has never lost a Game 7 in the Finals

- Revenge for 2008's butt whupping that the Lakers must answer for.

The only thing missing is Chick Hearn and Johnny Most calling this game on the radio. I'll spare you more hyperbole except, to paraphrase the end of Hamlet, get thee to a television at 6 p.m.

It's all about desire. All about will. Last team standing raises the Larry O'Brien.

The Lakers need exorcise the demons of 1969 - when Bill Russell played his final game and made owner Jack Kent Cooke look like an idiot with balloons in the rafters. They need to remember the spirit of 1988 - winning the last 2 games against Detroit at home to celebrate the last title of Showtime.

Who's Gonna Take The Weight? It's time for the Lakers to Step in the Arena and show the Celtics who's got the Power to sign their Death Certificate.*

*word to Gang Starr, Ice-T and Ice Cube

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