Thursday, June 16, 2011

Electric Relaxation: Finally getting around to Big KRIT

I haven't been this inspired to write about a rapper in a while and I should've written it sooner. Big KRIT is an MC I've heard a lot of buzz about the past 9 months, especially since listening to Bomani Jones' morning podcast and since March, his last two mixtapes have sat in my music folder waiting for me to listen to them.

This week, I finally got around to listening to his latest mixtape "Return of 4eva" and last year's "KRIT Wuz Here." Hand me a late pass but now I see why he's arguably the best Southern MC since T.I. and Killer Mike debuted. Mississippi finally has another dope rapper/producer to champion besides David Banner.

I heard folks compare KRIT to Pimp C aand as soon as I heard the intro on "R4", I could hear the comparison. He sounds like Pimp (even to the singing on some of the hooks) but he could easily be like Big Gipp or Khujo Goodie. His voice makes me you feel his emotion as he takes you through a journey through his mind as well as the South. Plus you get that he knows his legacy the way he references classic Southern hip hop songs throughout his songs.

You got riding jams like "Sookie Now" and "My Sub" but then you see his soul in tracks like "Dreamin", a great story about how KRIT's living his dreams that he's had for a while. Plus the guests shine hard, especially Chamillionaire on "Time Machine", one of my favorite flashback jams.

Adding to his dopeness is that he self-produced "Return of 4eva" - the beats remind me of the old Organized Noise sound that used to define older OutKast/Goodie Mob records. They have a groove to them that's missing in hip-hop nowadays and no better song shows that than "Get Right."

To me, the best Southern MC's sounded cool and confident yet soulful and inspiring. OutKast, UGK, Goodie Mob, Geto Boys and Little Brother all made great music that made you dance but they spoke about the struggle. They didn't wallow in self-pity but they were always self-aware of what was going on and tried to inspire folks to move beyond what was going on. KRIT carries that legacy proudly.

When I heard "R4", I got excited the same way I did when I heard Lupe in 2006, Wale in 2008, J Cole and Jay Electronica. Then when I heard "Krit Wuz Here", I felt the same way, especially hearing Touched Down and "Country S***" (R4 has a bomb remix with Ludacris and Bun B). Both mixtapes are amazing and I'm glad I realize it.

To sum it up: Dope beats, dope hooks ("Highs and Lows"), excellent verses, a variety of content, soul. I told folks that I felt hip hop wasn't inspiring me this year besides Odd Future and as wild as Tyler, The Creator is, there's only so much of him you can take. KRIT gives me hope that not only will the South get back to the diversity it's known for but hip hop's in good shape this decade.

Return of 4eva's definitely in the running for HH album of the yea and KRIT is showing why he'll be the best XXL Freshman of this class.

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