Saturday, July 2, 2011

Electric Relaxation: Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

The first time I heard this song was in high school when I remember seeing the video and the references to classic MTV videos. I thought it was some 80's song yet it just sounded fresh, cool and out of this world. I'd hear it later on Saturday nights driving home on KIIS-FM's club playlist. I wasn't at that age where I hated techno yet but even when I got older, I just loved this song.

Only problem was I had no idea what the title was. I searched the last two years of my high school until somebody finally told me it was Stardust (initially I was told Daft Punk and Stardust). It became the first song I downloaded in college and the 1st song on my very mix CD.

So why is this song my favorite techno jam of all time and an all-time fave regardless of genre? It's a techno jam that actually has a groove, not just mindless noise. It may repeat the same loop over and over but every 4th bar, there's a cool lil inversion that doesn't make it so monotonous. Lyrically, like most techno jams, it's simple but describes the mood you feel in a club. That hook is simple yet exactly what you'd feel dancing with somebody.

Finally, it overpowers you without driving you nuts. Some songs overpower you and push you away but this song envelopes you into a great feeling on the dance floor. (And oh yeah, that video is cool with the song in the background as the kid builds his plane and gets excited each day - great concept!)

When I realized that Stardust was 1/2 of Daft Punk (Thomas Bangalter) with two other acts (Alex Braxe and vocalist Benjamin Diamond), it made sense why the song has such great musicality. Daft Punk is one of the best techno acts because their songs aren't just repetitive, simple techno nonsense. Their songs have an energy and a groove that'll make even the hardest techno hater dance.

"Music Sounds Better With You" could easily be a disco record and it could be played alongside Daft Punk's "One More Time" and give you that same feeling of being in another world.

This was the only thing Stardust did so technically it qualifies as the ultimate one-hit wonder. 13 years later, I can still get excited listening to it at the gym, at the club or driving around town and I know a lot of folks can too. Even as I typed this, I was happy because this song put me in a great mood.

Even cooler that the song sampled a funky Chaka Khan tune. Enjoy!

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