Friday, September 11, 2009

Electric Relaxation Vol. 4 - Techno Treats/House Sweets

It's a well known that admitting you like techno is a cardinal sin to most people in America (apologies to all the rave fans out there). But every now and then - a techno or house or electronica jam or two or three comes over here and catches fire or a jam created here blows up and becomes a hit. If you're in a club, you wouldn't mind if it comes on cause its got a great melody and groove, not just boomin bass and mindless noise.

Nothing I hate more than a techno remake of a dance song. But a good techno song hits and overwhelms you. Plus it's great to work out too and get hyped for the club with.

There's some great dance/techno songs on the "Pulse" CD and there's where I found a lot of stuff that became hits in America. None of these songs made the list but you should check them out.I found out that most of those songs are under the Eurodance category and I guess I like that genre from the early 1990's. If I'm technical with calling stuff techno, sue me.

My favorite techno song has to be Stardust "Music Sounds Better With You" - it made my first burned CD back in college and I remember listening to this on Saturday nights on KIIS-FM in high school. I love the video and it's just a great jam altogether - not to mention made by 1/2 of Daft Punk....speaking of them.

Daft Punk - "One More Time": Yes it got played out to death in 2001 but it's still a great jam on replay value. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" I discovered this thanks to Kanye and it's incredible on its own.

Darude - Sandstorm: This song is still awesome. It'll get a dance floor going and if you need something to work out to - this is perfect. Where's my glow sticks for this??

Darude - Feel The Beat: I gotta have more glow stick! Underrated jam and it just keeps you going.

DJ Jean - The Launch (Props to my boy Redix for reminding me about this on Twitter when we tried to start Techno Thursday hahaha)

Eric Prydz - Call On Me: This song reminds me of my first trip to Tijuana in 2004 where the club played it twice for a long time. Looooong night haha

Modjo - "Lady" and "Chillin": I like Chillin more than Lady even though "Lady" got more play in the the video below is so coool.

Iio - Rapture: My favorite techno song from 2002. An American house band did this hypnotic gem that still gets play in my I-pod.

Bob Sinclar - World, Hold On (That hook and that whistling part gets me)

There's probably a few others I dont know by name, but these I love and wouldn't mind hearing. Never get old and they're worth your listen too. Go check em out on youtube and feel free to request anymore good techno songs in the comments.

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