Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rock the Bells 2012 - WOW!

So who wants to go??

Seriously. I screamed in my car when I saw this lineup. I howled when I kept reading. And yo!!! This looks like the best lineup in RTB history. Let me break it down.

- My two favorite MC's of all time. Ice Cube (who I never saw) and Nas (who killed it in 2008 at RTB)
- The Prince of the West Coast: Kendrick Lamar and his TDE crew Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock
- J. Cole, who I hope will redeem himself from that debut disaster.
- METHOD MAN & REDMAN doing "Blackout" (who I saw kill it in 2008 together)
- Speaking of Redman, Hit Squad will be reunited!! EPMD, Keith Murray, K-Solo and Reggie Noble back again. Can somebody say a live performance of "Headbanger"
- DJ QUIK. Who kills it live!!!
- E-40 and TOO SHORT. YAY AREA in the building!!!
- Yelawolf!!! For y'all new heads, y'all can enjoy Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa (who was on the small stage in 2010) and Mac Miller. I wanna see the boy from Alabama since I missed him in 2010.

- The return of Naughty By Nature. Uptown Anthem, O.P.P., Jamboree, so many classics!!!
- Salt-N-Pepa: Three of the mothers of this hip-hop game!!
- Seeing Atmosphere instantly reminded me when my girlfriend had the chance to interview Slug last year.
- Prodigy!! The Mobb Deep drama aside, I'm gonna be happy to see Queensbridge in the building with Nas again. Wonder if Metta World Peace will show up again.
- Big Daddy Kane/Slick Rick representing the old school!!! If you saw Big Daddy Kane at the Hip Hop Honors, you can see that he still rock the show as well as he did in 88. Slick Rick will def. be a must-see and I hope I don't miss him like I did in 2010.

*Just saw that Lupe Fiasco tweeted that he won't be at RTB. It saddened me cause I was looking forward to see him and Cube for the 1st time. Ah well, all in due time, right?

But this is all about three big reunions.

1) Dipset. Dipset. Dipset. Dipset!  Honestly, I wasn't a big Dipset fan 10 years ago and I still have a pink polo in my closet to remind me of that era. But nostalgia's a funny thing. I have no shame saying I was (still am?) a big fan of Juelz Santana. I have no shame saying Jim Jones has earned my respect the last 6 years. And I won't lie, Cam'Ron's singles in 2002 (Hey Ma, Oh Boy) made some chill times during my summer and 1st fall in college. So with that said, I'm down with seeing them.

2. Them Bone boys is back! (c) Swizz Beatz - Bone Thugs are back and not only celebrating a blockbuster of an album, they're honoring their mentor Eazy-E. I went to their first reunion show in 2008 and it was the first time all five were all back. (Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh). Yet I'm already calling this a farewell considering Krayzie Bone has left the group and will only tour with them. They've had some up-and-downs so I consider this a hope and prayer that they remind everyone why they owned the game and have some of the most loyal fans this side of Wu-Tang.

3. MISSY AND TIMBALAND!!! I was just thinking to myself how Missy Elliot needs to make a comeback and how Timbaland needed to remind people that he hadn't forgotten hip-hop. In case y'all forgot, Missy was the last female MC that made an impact before Nicki Minaj took over. (1997-2004 was Missy's excellent run of creativity and music that still sounds ahead of time) And she's been MIA since I graduated college. And the game desperately needs her to return.

If Dre and Snoop made history at Coachella reuniting like it was 1992, she and Timbaland were the perfect synergy for the era I grew up listening to. THAT will be as epic as seeing the reunited Pharcyde/Tribe Called Quest in 2008.

That for me was the greatest concert I ever went to. Besides the reunited Pharcyde/Tribe, we had Nas, Redman + Method Man, Mos Def, Kidz in the Hall, De La Soul, Raekwon + Ghostface, Murs (w/ DJ Quik), Immortal Technique and the infamous MF Doomposter. (Somebody might add that Black Eyed Peas were there minus Fergie and they got booed almost before they started).

I said that after 2010, it would take a lot for me to go back to Rock The Bells. I had seen multiple acts more than once and unless they brought somebody back in a big way, I wasn't making the trek out to San Bernardino. Let's just say they inspired me to crazy looking for a way to get these tickets.

If you need a show to hit up this summer. GO TO THIS ONE! That's all. I'm curious to see how the 2-day format will work

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