Monday, July 23, 2012

A Final Word on the Penn State sanctions

Basically, good job to the NCAA for once. There will be much debate over the sanctions but I think that overall they hit the university and football program where it hurts. Financially and in the win column. The vacated wins did shock me honestly, but I think that it's more than appropriate considering the powers that be valued football and used it as a scapegoat to cover up for their sins and worrying about reputation.

I've also included the sanctions levied against USC, Southern Methodist and Ohio State. Not for comparison, but just for information. I also include links to my previous blog posts on Penn State for perspective on how I feel.

My initial thoughts where I recall a local sports scandal that Penn State reminded me of.
My Final Words on Penn State's terrible coverup and what we can learn from false gods and protecting monsters

A summary of USC's sanctions from 2010

A summary of the SMU death penalty

Ohio State's sanctions from last winter

(Postscript: This is by no means a support of the NCAA as a whole. They are a corrupt, broken system bent on making money on the backs of young men and women while unfairly compensating them. It's merely a tip of the hat while knowing that they have potential to cause more harm with today's decision because these are uncharted waters.)

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