Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Satisfaction >>>> Perfection

Life is about striving for something. It’s a search for something that gives it meaning. But is life about achieving the perfect dream or settling for something close to that?

I thought about this Sunday night and I realized too often we are trying too hard to find the ideal things we want. The ideal mate, the ideal job…people live too often trying to reach that dream that they end up falling more in love with the pursuit of it. And because of this, they miss enjoying that journey to get there.

Perfection is overrated. It takes a beautiful thing like a dream and corrupts it because the pursuit becomes greater than the steps.

That’s why I say we need to pursue satisfaction. Satisfaction allows you to be content and happy at whatever stage you’re in. When you pursue your goals, satisfaction allows you to enjoy each step and even when you fall short, you can still find peace.

Satisfaction lasts longer than perfection because it’s a feeling that tough times can’t shake. It’s not as strong a drive as perfection, but it goes deeper within. It takes the pursuit of a dream and reminds you that although there is something greater down the road, there is something great on the way there to keep you going.

Too often people aren’t satisfied with their lives because they want something more. They want things to be just right. But how many times do we get things exactly the way we want. How often do we have to take what we’re given and make the most of it? It’s not really a matter of settling for less, but accepting what you get and being pleased with it.

So often, I've wanted to write the perfect poem that describes my feelings at that time. Each line had to be right, each rhyme scheme or theme had to be perfect...but then I remembered that my best earlier poems came when I just started writing without a care. Let my heart craft those thoughts. Then I realized that I was satisfied with what I just did instead of feeling like I had fallen short of my lofty goal.

When you strive for perfection, you won’t be happy until everything falls in line exactly how you want it. When you strive for satisfaction, you’ll be happy even if things don’t go according to plan. I don’t want the perfect life, I want to be satisfied with what I got and hope for more to come.

It’s not about settling for less than your best, it’s about doing your best so you’ll be fine with the outcome.

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