Monday, February 2, 2009

Virgosis Sports Report (Super Bowl Edition)

Was that the greatest Super Bowl ever? Was that TD catch by Santonio Holmes the greatest play in SB History (was it even better than James Harrison's 100-yd Pick-6)?

First off, I was rooting for the Cardinals and they came out flatter than 3-day old soda. Pittsburgh just had their way from the jump and whether it was Big Ben scrambling or some short play gaining major yards after catch, it was just way too easy. Arizona's offense couldn't get going and just when you thought they'd go into the halftime with momentum, Steelers D-coordinator Dick Lebeau said, "Eff yo plans, neeguh" (c) Col. Stinkmeaner/Rick James and planned the scheme that had NFL Defensive POY James Harrison run 100 yards to history and paydirt. 17-7 instead of 14-10 just like that.

Just when AZ hit their lowest point (trailing 20-7, racking up stupid personal fouls - roughing the holder??), they stormed back when Kurt Warner finally looked at Larry Fitzgerald's direction and remembered how they got there. Two TD's and a safety later, it looked like Super Bowl 34 again for Kaptain Kurt. Except they were still two minutes left and this became a repeat of SB 36 for Kurt.

We all saw that drive where Big Ben became Joe Montana, Tom Brady and John Elway and led that team down the field. Santonio Holmes made two amazing plays - the last being that tippity-toe TD that showed why he deserved the MVP. For once, Ohio State football stepped up in a big game (ironically the last time I saw them do well in a bowl, it was Holmes and Troy Smith going bonkers on Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl)

The review booth should have looked at that Warner fumble a lot closer. It looked like a fumble but on a play that close, you gotta check it esp. considering Pitt had a 15-yard penalty and if it wasnt a fumble, AZ has the ball on the 31-yard line. But it doesnt take away from a fantastic finish. AZ's defense looked suspect most of the game and Pitt was in control til the 4th, but the Cardinals deserved to be there and played like it when it mattered. Now about that defense fellas.....I guess somebody had to get more SB's than the Cowboys.

Oh yeah, Larry Fitzgerald is the best WR in football hands down. But we've known he's been one of the best since he balled at Pitt (2nd in the Heisman to who???) and put up numbers. I knew what I was doing when I took him in my fantasy draft this year.

And as far as the best SB ever talk goes? Let's look at this decade's best

SB 34 (2000) - Rams go up by 16, Tennesee ties it up in greatest rally ever, Warner to Bruce for 73 yards in the 4th, Titans 1 yard short. (Unlike most of these games, they had a great 2nd half).
SB 36 (2002) - Pats are big underdogs, take a shocking lead thanks to Ty Law's pick 6 (sound familiar Kurt), Rams comeback to tie the game before Brady drives the field for Vinateri's game winning FG.
SB 38 (2004) - Pats and Panthers play like crap in the 1st and 3rd quarters, play like men in the 2nd and 4th. 11-point comeback by Panthers in the 4th, NE TD to Mike Vrabel, Delhomme TD to Ricky Proehl to tie it with 1:08 left, kick-off goes out of bounds, Brady drives the field for Vinateri's game-winning FG. 37 combined points in the final quarter.
SB 42 (2008) - A slow game (Pats 7-3 after 3 quarters), Giants score a TD, Pats score a TD with 2:42 left to Randy Moss, Manning to Tyree for 32 yards of history (never saw that boy scramble like that, never saw a catch like that), Plaxico Burress go-ahead TD and perfection is ruined.
SB 43 (2009) - Pitt dominates out the gate, Harrison's 100 yard Pick-6 kills the Cards spirit at halftime, Cards look dead until the 4th quarter, Fitzgerald catches 2 amazing TD's and Cards get safety to take the lead, Big Ben leads Pitt on 78-yd scoring drive with Holmes tippy-toe catch to win it, Warner fumbles the ball on AZ 44-yd line to end it.

I'm gonna be honest, Super Bowl 34 was better for a longer period of time. Super Bowl 36 and 42 were drama builders because they were huge upsets and the game didn't go as we expected. Super Bowl 38 and 43 had the best final quarters I have ever seen in a SB. I usually hate when critics are quick to anoint something as the best ever but Super Bowl wise, this is fair. Here we go.

Best of the Decade

1. Super Bowl 43 - the game just went in a complete 180 so fast before that last TD. Plus we had two of the 10 greatest SB plays ever (Harrison's Pick-6, Holmes TD).
2. Super Bowl 38 - Will be the most underrated SB ever thanks to the Panthers and Delhomme's inconsistency since then.
3. Super Bowl 42 - The stakes will never be higher unless somebody else comes in 18-0 and Eli Manning led a fantastic last minute drive. If not for the pre-game drama, this game was boring til the 4th.
4. Super Bowl 34 - Best pure second-half of SB football you will ever see from start to finish, including the 3rd Q

It's been a great decade of Super Bowls, let's hope for it to continue in the Teens. Big ups to Mike Tomlin for being the 2nd African-American coach to win the Super Bowl and doing it where he started as a coach, Steelers owner Dan Rooney because he's a man of integrity and the Cardinals for showing they belonged in the end. Great game and we'll wait til the end of summer

*By the way, best commericals. Doritos and Budweiser hands down (snowglobe had me laughing). The worst was Coke reliving the Mean Joe Greene ad and the Castor Oil monkeys...just didn't get it*

And yes, I got a regular report coming as by now you've heard that Kobe went off for 61 in MSG!!! But that's scary and exciting at the same time.

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