Monday, February 8, 2010

Congrats Saints

New Orleans is probably going to party all week after the Super Bowl. Mardi Gras is tomorrow and you bet it'll be the most epic one that city has ever seen. And even though I rooted for the Colts, I'm happy for the city, my Fatherland. Talking with Mom and from what I know about him, Dad wouldn't be going crazy but he'd be pretty pleased.

I wasn't surprised at how the game went - my buddy Tyler predicted on Twitter that whoever played defense first would win. And in the 4th Q Tracy Porter turned what was going to be a game-tying drive by the Colts into Game Over and Party on Bourbon St (ironically the only turnover of the game)

So much for Drew Brees being too short to play in the NFL (MVP with 32-38 passing). So much for the Saints defense not being legit. I'm happy for the President aka Reggie Bush but I'm glad we didn't get many shots of Kim K and her family during the game.

Sean Payton made one of the ballsiest calls I've seen in a SB. The onside kick to start the 2nd half changed the game and as far as I'm concerned, he's a Top 5 mistake under Jerry Jones' watch after he let him go to the Saints.

As far as Peyton Manning's legacy, it's a blow but if not for a bad read on a play, he ties that game because both teams were marching up and down the field with ease. But the Saints were going to probably win because as soon as the Colts potentially scored with maybe 3 minutes left, they would've marched down the field and Hartley kicks his 4th FG to win it.

I really enjoyed the Doritos commercials (far and away the best was the lil kid). I didn't get to hear the Google commercial but it looked simple and effective. Like I said, the Tim Tebow ad was much ado about nothing and I chuckled at its silliness. Bud Light had fails all around - the auto-tune ad showed exactly why it needs to die in music, it was annoying overkill. Did in 30 seconds what Jay-Z couldn't do in 4 minutes.

Oh yeah, the most shocking ad was seeing Dave Letterman and Jay Leno in the same spot. That was a huge shock!! Made Oprah Winfrey take a back seat because people know how much the two of them don't like each other. That was like watching Jay-Z and Nas together 5 years ago except I doubt Leno and Letterman will be on each other's show any more.

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  1. Mardi Gras celebrations typically start about a week in advance, but Mardi Gras is actually *nex* Tuesday (the 16th).

    Also, I loved the little kid.