Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Rise of the 84 Babies

This is something I've been thinking about writing for months but I just never got to it. I wanted to do it last year when I turned 25 but I just kept putting it off. Time to just get cracking on it.

I'm proud to be born in 1984 - one of the best years ever. Don't believe me? Consider it was the year of arguably the Best Summer Olympics ever (in my city), Eddie Murphy changing the face of comedy in Hollywood with Beverly Hills Cop, the greatest movie soundtrack since Superfly (Purple Rain) and the birth of the Cosby Show as one of the most important and greatest shows in television history. And of course, the subject of a classic book that is coming true right now.

26 years later, I feel like people born in my year are doing big things or are on the cusp of it. I've met a lot of people born in 84 who are moving along in their career, motivated to do great things or struggling at the same crossroads that I am. But just proof that 84 babies are doing it right, a sample

Best pitcher in baseball - Tim Lincecum. The Freak. 2-time defending Cy Young winner. Greatest young pitcher since Doc/Roger Clemens/Bret Saberhagen were running the mid-to-late 80's

Best player in basketball - LeBron James (apologies to my fellow Kobe fans). And among the best players in the game are Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Brandon Roy.

Fastest swimmer in America - Cullen Jones (at least in the 50m sprint)

Best skiers in the world: Golden girl Lindsay Vonn and World Champ Julie Mancuso. (not to mention hottie Tanith Belbin of ice dancing)

Best hope for the Republican Party: Meghan McCain (one of the few that I respect because she's civil in her views, open to dialogue and not namecalling, andfascinating on Twitter

Singer the ladies love most right now: Trey Songz

One of the best rising stars in baseball: Matt Kemp repping the Dodgers (and B.J. Upton/Prince Fielder

One of the best young actresses in Hollywood: Scarlett Johansson (smart and sexy FTW)

Throw in more of my favorite talented hotties Katy Perry, America Ferrera and Cheryl Burke (Dancing With the Stars) and slowly you're seeing how we're taking over. Not to mention a bunch of my peeps on Twitter who I see doing things and making moves.

Just watch us shine and represent the greatness of the year we were born into. And as a bonus, here's a big reason why 1984 rocks c/o of ESPN's Sports Guy Bill Simmons

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