Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl Sundae...topped with plenty of goodies

I'm ready for this game to start. The only good thing about the Pro Bowl being the week before is that we don't have to worry about 2 weeks of hype. The game is a bit of a conflict for me as far as who I'm rooting for so let me lay this out on why I could root for both teams.

Reasons why I like the Colts in this game

1. I respect the organization. The class of men like Bill Polian, former coach Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning. It's a well run team and unlike the Patriots and Steelers, they don't have that bad-guy vibe.

2. Manning's had his best season this year making no-name guys like Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie shine as much as Dallas Clark. In every game they tried to win, they've won with methodical precision and don't sleep on Shonn Greene as a solid RB. I root for Manning because I like watching him play and multiple rings dont hurt his resume.

3. Jim Caldwell proving that the Rooney Rule (despite my issues with it) is working and could make Black coaches 3-1 in the Super Bowl.

Reasons why I like the Saints.

1. Recovering from Katrina and what a win means for the city. Not more needs to be said.

2. Big fan of Drew Brees and Reggie Bush. San Diego connections aside, Brees runs that offense to perfection and it's fun to watch/hard to stop. And of course, I've been a fan of Bush since he was running wild at USC. I'm rooting for him to have a great career and lately he's showing how he effective he can be when used right. Hard to believe Brees was a 2nd round pick because of size.

3. Marques Colston, Lance Moore and Robert Meachem helped me out big time in fantasy the last two years. All of them are 25 and younger - and Colston was a 7th rd pick who may the biggest draft steal in recent memory

4. My dad's family is from New Orleans. I know he'd probably be happy right now to watch this.

So as you can see it's hard for me to settle on a pick. There's a lot at stake but I'm rolling with Indy because I think the Saints won't get to Manning like they did Brett Favre and he can pick them apart just like he did the Jets - who had a better front seven in my opinion. That said, the Saints do have a better secondary and with Dwight Freeney not at 100%, they could easily pull off the win (It wont be a major upset to me).

But I'm pulling for the Colts. If Tony Romo could pick that 2ndary apart, Peyton can do it. Don't bother asking me for a point spread, I'm gonna sit at my church's annual party and enjoy a great game. My "lil bro" is a Colts fan and with a recent passing in his family (and my church family), I hope the game brings him some joy.

Sidenote: I'll always remember the 2003 Super Bowl in San Diego. The night before the game, me and a bunch of roomates went downtown and it was overwhelmed with Raider fans. They outnumbered Tampa fans at least 10 to 1 and thankfully I didn't see any Raider fan hooliganism. It was the first time I ever rooted for the Raiders and they let me down - but at least watching the fireworks from halftime and during the game from our party in my freshman dorm was pretty sick.

As for the commercials, there's two on my mind. I'm curious to see the Super Bowl Shuffle remake with the 85 Bears 25 years older. And a bold E-TV prediction, Tim Tebow's much debated commercial will be much ado about nothing. Abortion, like race and gay marriage, is one of those issues that people will go crazy over without thinking it clearly and I'm pretty sure the commercial will be nothing - no matter who sponsors it.

Since my freshman year of college - I always have to play the Peanut Butter Wolf remix of "Super Bowl Sundae" by Ozomatli. So I share with you all. You'll definitely see my thoughts on Twitter - last year's game I made the mistake of connecting my Twitter with Facebook so it was constantly updated.

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