Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Electric Relaxation: Troop "Spread My Wings"

This song came on my Yahoo radio today and I just had to smile during the whole song. It's one of my favorites from the New Jack Swing era and it's got an optimistic message of just looking for love and not giving up.

I guess I can really relate it in a few ways. It doesn't have about to finding love but just finding that right person and knowing they're out there if you keep looking/waiting. Also if you think of it as spreading your wings to find your passion, it's an encouraging jam that won't let you beat yourself up when the world tries its best

Two crazy facts: 1) Didn't realize these dudes were from Pasadena. 2) I think Chuckii Booker is playing that sick guitar solo during the middle of the song. Makes me almost want to do another post on great guitar solos/guitarists in R&B/funk.

It's sad that R&B groups don't really exist anymore. The harmonizing, the dance moves...its all a lost art nowadays. Blame egos and the industry pushing stars instead of a team (which has always happened since The Supremes and Temptations) but I miss it. A big reason that R&B has taken a huge hit creatively.

Enjoy the good vibes *takes off in flight*

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