Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Electric Relaxation: Wale "Beautiful Bliss"

"Babe, you know it gets no better than this,
It's like...sunshine on a rainy day
It's like a 'How could you take me away'
Take me Away
It's a beautiful Bliss"

To be honest - Attention:Deficit was an okay debut album. I've been a fan of Wale since 2008 when I heard buzz about his classic Mixtape About Nothing. Then I heard it and was blown away - even got hyped after seeing him at Rock the Bells that summer.

The 2nd half is way better than the 1st (blame awful singles and weird production choices - cough cough, Pharell and em). Wale's skill is writing songs that have a theme or an uplifting message, not when he's bragging or sounding cocky.

"Beautiful Bliss" was a standout track and made my list of the best songs of 2009. I started vibing on it when I made my San Diego trip in January and it became my theme song for the week as well as anytime I'm in a good mood.

This is one of those jams that anybody can just vibe with - you can ride out and the chorus lifts your spirits. I've jammed to this with the windows down many times this summer and it's a perfect summer song that I wish was a single.

The beautiful, talented Melanie Fiona shines on the hook but this song is all about the 2nd verse. J. Cole absolutely bodies this track and for the first time I heard him spit, I was blown away. Dude brings a street sense to this heavenly track and drops the verse of the album with incredible flow, rhyme scheme, shoutouts and a presence that makes you hate it when his verse ends.

I almost don't remember what Wale says outside of the "When Bret Hart means Brett Favre line" - that's called "Renegading" a track, a reference to Eminem stealing the shine from Jay-Z on the Blueprint.

But upon further listen, I think Wale is just having fun and sometimes, you gotta let the music take you away like the hook says.

Sample-wise, it uses the same sample as Lupe Fiasco's brilliant "Theme Music to a Drive-By" but gives it a more uplifting feel. It's celebration music and as summer's about to wind down, hopefully y'all can smile to some dope music.

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