Friday, August 6, 2010

Job Update (Snappin Back to Reality)

Funny how things work out. I planned on doing this inspiration series til I finished but then I decided to take a break because other things came up worth talking about. Then I planned on doing a blog on the Lakers' summer and the Dodgers' slumber - good thing I waited since the Dodgers decided to wake up and go back to sleep and the Lakers added the final puzzle piece in Shannon Brown's return.

But the big thing going on is I promised an update on my job situation. Haven't said much because while I have been looking, it's hard to find anything in the media, let alone another field I have little experience in. Thank God for breakthroughs because this month, things have changed.

Starting at the end of the month, I'll be freelancing at the Torrance/South Bay Daily Breeze doing high school football. It's a great situation because 1) it's a bigger challenge working at a bigger paper in a different area, 2) I'll be working on tighter nightly deadlines, 3) it allows me to focus solely on writing, not doubling as an editor.

I'll be working closer to home and although I'll have to get used to new teams and coaches, I can build new relationships and expand my network while looking for new stories. Friday Night Lights is still special wherever you go and I look forward to the challenge.

And just to show you how great God is, last Saturday I got an offer from a former colleague to help him do football previews around Southern California. Cal-Hi Sports is the state's leading authority on high school sports and being able to write their preseason football previews is a great honor.

It's huge because it keeps me informed on what's going around the state even though I'll be focusing on a particular region at the Daily Breeze. And it's building on more relationships.

But the main thing - I'm back in journalism and this free agent is back in the saddle!

August is already shaping up to the best month. Throw this in with Rock The Bells later on, a fun day planned with a friend tomorrow and great news surrounding my sis and Mom pursuing higher education, it's another reason why I love this month. Thanks y'all for your prayers and I'll keep you informed on the job hunt.


  1. Congrats, sir. Everyone should get a chance to do what it is they really want to.
    I might be out of the roofing game soon. I received a very serious partnership offer in a PR company that I accepted.

    Hard work does pay off.

    I LYM

  2. Congrats!
    I'm happy to hear that you're taking your talents to football journalism.
    Congrats to your mom & sis as well.