Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Football Wrap Week 8: Randy Moss's Spine.

Randy Moss is the NFL's Allen Iverson. A mercurial talent who's been misunderstood since high school and somehow creates drama with every team he's on. When all's said and done, Moss will probably be a Top-3 wide receiver to ever play the game - ask my beloved Cowboys how it burns every time he faces us.

He's a quarterback's best friend. The 1998 Vikings and 2007 Patriots are two of the highest scoring teams ever because of him. Daunte Culpepper nearly earned an MVP because of him. Brett Favre might still be in Green Bay if he could've gotten him 3 years ago.

He's a coach's worst nightmare because his mouth gets in the way of his talent. He's just like Terrell Owens except Owens is far from a #1 WR right now. But let's be real - his comments yesterday were strange, rambling yet honest. Did it deserve to be cut? No. How many guys have done that and merely been fined. There's something deeper we don't know about.

Apparently there was some incident at a postgame meal too. Again, who cares? Like I said, what's worse - disrespecting authority or taking advantage of it like Favre does every week/summer.

It's funny, an organization that has showed no spine with allowing Brett Favre to hold them hostage gets rid of somebody who has backbone. Why wouldn't you listen to Moss who knows the Patriots scheme up and down?

As bad as my Cowboys are, the Vikings are a worse organization from top to bottom. Leadership from the top down is non-existent and I have no idea who runs that team. Randy Moss is gonna end up with a contender because unlike Iverson, Moss is still an elite player who can make a difference.

Save all the "NFL in Turkey" references - Moss will be in the postseason while the Vikings enjoy a Top-10 pick in the NFL draft and waste another year of Adrian Peterson's career. I don't always agree with Randy speaking his mind but would I take a chance on him? Absolutely IF we need him, which my Cowboys don't.

Sweet karma c/o of my boy Mojo Hoops - Brett Favre going rockabye baby after playing a game he shouldn't have and getting knocked unconscious. *plays Lupe Fiasco "Go To Sleep"* He'll think he's dreaming that Randy Moss is gone, Percy Harvin's hurt and Sidney Rice is still hobbled on the sidelines.

More quick college/pro hits.

- Did we really have a Troy Smith sighting in London? I haven't heard from that dude since the Ravens drafted him. And he got the win? I'm happy for him - San Francisco, turn the keys to the former Heisman winner and just see what happens.

- San Diego finally won again. Norv Turner finally got angry. And our special teams didn't have any boneheaded plays. We live to fight another day. At least one of my teams can beat Tennessee.

- Something told me this year the Raiders would be a sleeper. At 4-4, they're showing me why. Bad enough I had to watch them beat my Chargers but they're showing something I haven't seen since Jerry Rice was in silver and black.

- Roy Helu Jr.? Who? An unknown senior who had the greatest rushing performance at one of the greatest tailback U's in college history. 307 yards, 3 TD's of over 50 yards. That was a day to remember even if nobody knew his name before Saturday and he was lucky Taylor Martinez was out. A great night for a senior.

- USC is just another college football program now. Every dynasty has it's rebuild mode. Miami had it in the mid-90's despite churning out Warren Sapp and Ray Lewis. USC will still pull great talent but until that talent starts producing across the board and developing (esp. on defense), they're just another good program.

- Jake Locker is proving the old adage true. Leave for the pros early because waiting a year usually doesn't go as well. He's battled injuries and inconsistent play and now he'll be a mid-first round pick.

Fantasy Report: ALL I DO IS WIN!!!

U Mad League: 5-3 (Tied for 1st with the Tiebreaker edge). YES!
Sports Gurus League: 6-2 (5 game winning streak zooms me up to 1st place) *flexes*
South Beach NWO: 4-4 (3rd in league and possibly in good shape without MJDrew)
Fantaball: 3-5 *blank stare* - 7th??? For real??


  1. Jerry Rice in silver and black is not something I ever want to remember.

  2. Great Moss piece! I love the Iverson angle and agree with all you wrote.
    Troy Smith! Happy for him.
    Thanx for the Favre link my man.

  3. @Bree - I can't believe that happened either. At least not as bad as him being in Seattle

    @Mojo - I almost forgot about ole Troy. Most underrated Heisman winner since that OU QB in 04. Moss/Iverson parallel is right there. Another cat I follow expanded on it on his blog.