Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pacman's Demolition - Now About that Fight We Really Want

Manny Pacquiao destroyed Antonio Margacheato worse than Shane Mosley did in his walk-off KO of Margacheato. I didn't watch this out of protest for the fight we should be seeing as well as Margacheato's license only being upheld for Texas after California revoked him for trying to cheat against Mosley with loaded gloves.

The price of the ticket at Cowboys Stadium? Pacquiao planted so many tomatoes on the Wild Man's face that dude had a full garden and room for more if Pac-Man didn't show mercy in the final 2 rounds.

Almost made you think Margarito shouldn't have made fun of Freddie Roach's Parkinson's disease. Now he'll have face surgery on Tuesday - karma's a witch. So is pride, which stopped the fight from ending in the 10th.

Now everyone's talking about Pac vs. Floyd Mayweather. Again. This fight should've happened this year. Floyd made the Pacman agree to Olympic style drug testing and after Pac refused for a while due to it upsetting training regimen, he finally agreed to it. For some reason, Floyd's camp backed out.

Memo to Mayweather - make this fight happen. You have a legacy as a great fighter being tarnished by running from competition. You may be the only man who can give Pacquiao a fair fight. You hold the cards.

I dont know much about boxing but what I know about both styles and watching both fighters, PacMan's a volume puncher who unloads on you quick, furiously and without mercy. Mayweather's a defensive master who bored me in the Mosley fight but can counterpunch you to death and make you overthink your attack.

I love watching both and we're watching two of the greatest fighters of the last 20 years. Anybody who thinks Pac will knock Floyd out easily is a fool running on bias. It'll be a war of attrition, slow victories to gain the upper hand and fight for momentum. It'll go the full 12 rounds and be the biggest fight since Tyson-Holyfield 2 (the ear bite).

Let's do it for boxing. Marvel at what Pacman has done and if you need a reminder - ask Margacheato's surgeon this week. And let's pray for Pac-Floyd in 2011

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