Monday, November 15, 2010

NBA Quick Hits - It's Only November

It's only November. 2 weeks into an NBA season and already I see folks making snap judgments. Might as well jump in with some real talk about what we actually know at this point of the season.

- We know that Rajon Rondo is no longer lucky to be on the Celtics but they're lucky to have him mature and develop on their watch. What more does he have to do for respect? Game 6 vs the Lakers in 08. Nearly a triple double in the 09 playoffs minus KG. All-Star/All-Defense last year. Most assists to start a season in 20 years. As a Lakers fan, respect game.

- We know that Chris "Jar-Jar" Bosh is wildly overrated and his numbers were inflated in Toronto. If LeBron is Darth, D-Wade is Flash, Udonis is Chewbacca, he must be Jar-Jar b/c he's been useless on the floor. I defer to my boy MojoHoops on that but props to my Canadian bro Tyler Conium for calling that during the summer. Danny Granger, take notes.

- We know the Miami Heat have two big problems. Defending great point guards and toughness. They haven't embraced being the Evil Empire and Darth James hasn't shown the mean streak yet. Everyone guns for them and they're still learning how to be the most hated. Chemistry takes time to develop and that's why they won't win this year.

- We know the Lakers will be fine after two close losses to Denver and Phoenix. Phoenix had to shoot the lights out at a team-record pace and still won by only 5. Denver showed our cohesive bench that they have to stay tight on D and Pau Gasol has to bring every night.

- That said, we know that Shannon Brown's got an improved jumper, Steve Blake's fitting in well. Killer B's off the bench!

- We know that Utah and New Orleans are the surprise of the season. Monty Wiliams is coaching an undefeated team?? Deron Williams is leading Paul Milsap and Al Jefferson to comeback wins like nothing? It's as if D-Will and CP3 are reminding folks they're still barely scratching their prime.

- We know Oklahoma City might be battling a lil fatigue with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook enjoying the world championships but they're starting to show a lil killer instinct.

- We know John Wall is the truth. Triple double in his 6th game with only ONE TO. He still has little confidence in his J but he's hungry enough to get better.

- We know Blake Griffin is back to normal and producing like a beast but we DIDN'T know Eric Bledsoe might be a sleeper for the All-Rookie Team and make Baron Davis expendable. Clippers are worth watching this year.

- We know Kevin Love is making Kurt Rambis look like a overcautious prison guard. 23/24 vs the Lakers. 31/31 and channeling Moses Malone vs. Amar'e and the Knicks. I don't care if he has trouble defending, he's the best young rebounder in basketball besides David Lee and Reggie Evans.

- We know that Paul Pierce's Twitter is the best ether for the Evil Empire.

I love this time of year. The 2nd half of the NFL, NBA's in full swing, HS Football playoffs here in Cali, college bball is starting up, College football is heating up. It's a sports fan's paradise.


  1. We know that the Toronto Raptors are going to end up with the most lottery balls come the summer. Thankfully. Great post.

  2. Thanx for the props & great piece. Rondo, CP3 and Deron- seems like the year of the point guard.

    2 things
    - the Clippers are worth watching at 1-10?
    - Joakim Noah doesn't make your best young rebounder list? He's younger than Lee & Evans and has more boards than both.

  3. At least yall got calderon and derozan, Tyler. Plus Evans is a beast

    Got me mojo, peep the timestamp so I got an excuse. Noah's up there too. Clippers got blake griffin excitement, eric gordon improving, eric bledsoe. Those 3 alone are worth seeing for their passion/curiosity

  4. True, Griffin & Gordon have moments- but all those losses....