Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cam Newton's Great - And Here's Folks Even Greater

(It feels good to be the Man)

I've been hyping Cam Newton on here quite a bit. I hope he wins the Heisman in a landslide on Saturday and anyone who doesn't vote for him should have their vote stripped for ruining the integrity of an award they accuse Cam of doing. But instead of just giving the brotha his props, I'm gonna bring some perspective on his season.

Some folks are saying Cam's having the greatest college season in history. It made me think about who are the greatest college football players of my lifetime. I started watching college football in 1997-98 but like I tell folks, doesn't matter how young you are; if you got a computer with youtube and older friends, you can school yourself.

Just for perspective here's Cam's season
- 1,409 rushing yards (#10 in the nation)
- 2nd QB with 20 passing and rushing TD's (48 total)
- Leads nation in QB rating and currently has the highest of all time
- 3,998 total yards of offense
- 6 overall TD's in the SEC title game
- Helped beat Alabama after 24-0 deficit
- 49 yd TD run where he carried All-American DB Patrick Patterson of LSU to end his slice and dice.

But oh, he doesn't deserve the Heisman because of speculation that the NCAA cleared him of. Child, please! Only debate is how much he wins by and who finishes second (E-TV's prediction? Stanford QB Andrew Luck).

Here's the Mt. Rushmore of Greatest College FB Players since 1984.

#1 Mr. Barry David Sanders. 1987 - led nation in kickoff return yards as a backup to Thurman Thomas. Then in 1988, he turned college football into a video game. 2,628 yards (3,248 overall yards), 37 TD's and 33 NCAA records set that don't include his final game of 225 yards and 5 TD's. The holy grail and just as unstoppable there as he would be in the pros. He did this in the great Big 8 Conference's heyday when Oklahoma and Nebraska still had great defenses.

#2 Tommie Frazier - The greatest player never to win the Heisman Trophy. If not for a missed field goal against Charlie Ward and Florida State in 1994 title game, he would've won three straight national titles instead of two. But he did win the MVP in all 3 title games and did lead the greatest team of the last 20 years (1995 Nebraska). His stats aren't all that great but the dude just won games and was clutch. Consensus All-American in 1995.

This play summarizes Tommie's greatness - 7 dudes just giving up on a tackle.

#3 Reggie Bush - The most electrifying player I have ever seen besides Michael Vick. Two-time All-American, a threat to score every time he touched the ball. 10th all-time in NCAA history for All-Purpose Yards. 513 total yards of offense against Fresno State is one of the top 10 performances of the last decade. A national championship regardless of what the NCAA rules against. The best player of the last decade

Funny we bring him up in light of Cam. Nobody can tell me that Reggie Bush didn't exist and that he wasn't the best player in 2005. Watch the videos of him and tell me he wasn't one of the most unstoppable players you've seen.

#4 Vince Young - Texas fans will swear to this day VY got screwed on the Heisman. Take solace in the fact that VY had two of the greatest bowl game performances in recent memory in my state (05 and 06 Rose Bowl). Take solace that VY had a year (2005) possibly even better than Cam. And take the fact he singlehandedly destroyed a dynasty that 5 years later is still reeling nationally.

- 3,000 yards passing, 1,000 yards rushing (1st time a QB has ever done that)
- 38 total touchdowns
- Led nation in QB efficiency
- 467 total yards and 3 TDs in the 2006 Rose Bowl, including the game-winning drive and score

For kicks, let's throw in the 2005 Rose Bowl with 372 total yards and 5 total TD's. He and Reggie are 1A/1B of the decade as far as I'm concerned and my bias gives Reggie the edge.

Honorable Mention in No Order: Charlie Ward (3,371 total yards, 27 passing TD's in 93) , Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss. Michael Vick should be on this list but I remember his 2nd season falling short of his 1st season's brilliance. Production has to trump otherworldliness.

This is air that Cam Newton is travelling in and who knows where experts will place his season if he has one more great game against Oregon. He swept the major college awards so congratulations on winning the Heisman and it's a shame that your father has chosen not to attend for fear of causing a scene than to support you as a father should.

(Sidenote, I wish he could be there for the simple fact of having a successful Black athlete whose father is present and involved, not just his single mother.)

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