Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Football Wrap Week 14 Extras

- Jets assistant Sal Alosi, meet Alabama's Tommy Lewis. He was worse than you tripping that Dolphins player when he tackled Rice's Dicky Maegle in the 1954 Cotton Bowl although you could've caused a far worse injury. I read that when I was in 7th grade and never thought I'd see that again.

He deserved his suspension for the rest of the season. That was a punk move and had he been fired, I would've had no problem with that. Another sign the Jets are reeling from the Patriots punking them.

- Speaking of New England, anybody doubt they're the best team in the league? They destroyed Chicago like they were still mad about Super Bowl XX. 

- Revenge was on the menu in San Diego and my Bolts dished out colder than the Bride in Kill Bill. Kansas City shocked us in the season opener, we curbstomped them into reality Sunday. Damage Report: 67 total yards, 5 first downs for KC. BEAT EM DOWN! (c) Bomani Jones.

- Darren McFadden ran like a grown man out against J-Ville. That's what I've been expecting to see since he was drafted.

- Carson Palmer needs to be benched. The heck is wrong with him throwing to his old roommate (and eventual Defensive POY) Troy Polamalu? Nobody's calling for his head but I swear his job should be in jeopardy. He still looks shook from his ACL injury a few postseasons ago. 

- DeSean Jax is a fool but I don't have beef with it. My beef is with Dallas not policing the field by not catching him with a hard shot. Cali's Finest and Black Neo put on a good show against my Boys. 

- Nothing like putting the fear of God in a team and then losing on a Pick-6. Houston, thanks for the show, especially your grand finale involving BMore DB Josh Wilson.

- Heard some guy didn't start this weekend. His stats were terrible so there's no need to mention him. Some scrub, old QB named Favre or something. Yawwwwn. Call me when they stop worshiping him like he died instead of sit his old butt down.


  1. Wait- Brett Favre didn't play? Are you serious? Did he get hurt rescuing people from that big avalanche in Minnesota? He's a real great American hero, that guy.

  2. Lord Favre was too busy shoveling snow out of every driveway on his block - all done with that big blue hand of his. He sai "I'll sit out fellas, bigger things call"