Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Football Wrap Week 4: No More Blackouts

I’m still in a daze from my 5 year college reunion Saturday. The lack of sleep I got this weekend kept me from watching a lot of football but it was all worth it. Worth it to be back with my USD people and catch up in the city that gave us so many memories.

I’m starting off by saying that NFL blackouts suck. They suck and serve no purpose other than the NFL saving face of empty seats on TV. Maybe I’m still bitter watching the NBA potentially lose a season after a great 2010-11 campaign due to owner mismanagement but I couldn’t watch the Chargers Sunday because of the blackout.

The NFL has had a blackout policy in place since 1973. If a game is not sold out 72 hours in advance, the game is not available on local television.

It forces teams to do everything in their power to sell tickets. Yet it doesn’t address why fans aren’t coming to games. Fans aren’t coming because it costs too much. Fans who are there probably have to sell an arm, leg, rib and a kidney to afford tickets and are on waiting lists to sell livers to afford concessions.

Nobody wins with a blackout – teams lose money, fans lose the chance to see their teams. So I ask why it has existed for so long. Especially in a tough economic climate, we need to re-evaluate what can be done to lift it. Why punish teams and fans any longer.

I know I might be alone in thinking owners should care about the fans more. Sorry, I grew up in an era where owners tried to do right by the fans as well as their pockets. One day I hope the NFL sees the light and ends this process.

Let’s get to the tidbits.

Devin Hester, I remember watching you at the U shake folks silly. Now you have the most TD off punt returns in NFL history. I watched Deion do his thing for years. I watched Dante Hall. You are by far one of the best return threats in league history. Gale Sayers should be proud watching you carry on his legacy with the Bears.

Tampa Bay is a scary good combination. That last drive was brilliance. Josh Freeman making clutch throws, LeGarrette Blount making hard, powerful runs, that mix of youth and experience on defense and even a cameo by my fellow Torero Josh Johnson.  Young core that could do some serious damage.

Detroit is legit in every sense. Calvin Johnson is a grown man on another level. I have no other words for that Cowboys choke job. I’ll let my boy Primetime speak for me on this.

Aaron Rodgers. Wow. What a day. 6 total TD's And I’m still trying to figure out how he slid so low in the draft.

Pete Carroll really had his kicker out there trying a 61-yarder to win huh? That might be the most foolishly arrogant thing I’ve seen an NFL coach do in years and I’ve seen Carroll take gambles at USC before.

Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco – bad quarterbacking at its worst. Joe Flacco surprised me with his crappy numbers but Sanchez man. Dare I say he’s a product of great support instead of making success on his own?

College Tidbits

Stanford – The Best Team Nobody is Talking About. They destroyed my Bruins and I can’t wait to see them face Oregon again. And is there anything Andrew Luck can’t do after that 1-handed grab? Not just a pure passer but a great athlete too.

Clemson looks legit at 5-0. I want to see them in the ACC though. I never trust their basketball team and I can’t trust them yet. Tajh Boyd looks dope.

What’d I say about South Carolina? Could barely score against Auburn and lost ugly. Overrated.

Alabama and Trent Richardson deserves praise for knocking out Florida literally. Next up, LSU gets their go around with Florida Saturday. With a freshman QB starting, Gators are gonna end up looking like Dunn Persley from Sunday’s episode of Boardwalk Empire (maybe one of the best scenes that shows why Chalky White is such a magnetic character).

Wisconsin is No. 4 in the country and Russell Wilson looks like the next Cam Newton in terms of impact transfer changing a team’s identity. Unreal.

USC – University of Serra (HS) Cavaliers. Two WR’s from the same school having big days while the Trojan defense stays getting exposed. I know I’m a UCLA fan and it sucks knowing the best HS talent doesn’t always make it there but I’m a fan of kids I’ve covered first and I’m happy for Marqise Lee and Robert Woods.

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