Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Football Wrap Week 6: Ch-Ch-Changes

I'm trying something new this week. I'm going to recap my 5 favorite moments from the NFL and college football in my usual style but also preview 5 things to watch this weekend. That way I can do a little more on here in looking back and forward.

NFL Fab 5

1. Jim Harbaugh - same guy as he was at my alma mater. Passionate, fiery and a winner. Was it excessive? Yes and Jim Schwartz had a right to be upset. But at the same time, it's his style, not a desire to show up.

Speaking of which, it's officially the 90's all over again. The Bills, Raiders, 49ers and Lions are not just good, they are relevant. Yes, I promise this will be discussed more in depth one week. I'm just waiting to see how they develop.

2. Tom Brady vs. My Cowboys. Another comeback win despite him being held in check. It's what he does best. Tony Romo played great but extra credit to our defense playing well most of the game. I didn't like that gutless call going for field goals instead of TD's on the road though.

3. So the Andrew Luck sweepstakes will be between Indianapolis and Miami. They find new ways to lose every week but I think Miami goes 0-16 before Indy. Indy's been fighting close every week since they almost beat the Steelers. Miami just looks like dead fish.

4. Sad to say this. We've seen the end of Donovan McNabb as a starting QB. He was screwed in Washington and tossed out of Philly with no respect. But right now, his talent isn't there anymore. Welcome to the Christian Ponder era.

5. Andy Dalton has a 4-2 record starting for Cincy. But if you dare try to convince me that he's a better QB than Cam Newton, I'll laugh you out of my face. Cincy's D >>>> Carolina's D. Otherwise, Killa's having a better individual season.

NCAA Top 5

1. Trent Richardson. DANG! Best run of the football season. It's one thing to embarrass your opponent by running all over them with 4 TDs but on this 76-yard run, he added insult to injury. THIS is how you make somebody look foolish like playing Madden vs. a child.

2. No LaMichael James? No Darron Thomas for a quarter and a half? No problem for Oregon. Backup QB Bryan Bennett once won a pivotal game as a HS sophomore coming off the bench in Cali and Kenjon Barner/DeAnthony Thomas did what they do best. Oh yeah, nice cameo return by Baby T.I. Cliff Harris.

Your Pac-10 Freshman of the Year race is gonna be between the Black Mamba (Thomas) and Marqise Lee (USC). And who says Cali isn't producing top notch talent anymore.

3. I will not believe in Clemson. I will not believe in Clemson. Sammy Watkins had a grown man day but I will not believe in Clemson. If I keep repeating this, it will make their eventual collapse easier to gloat over. They can't really be this good can they? That comeback win didn't look pretty and gritty did it?

4. The BCS came out this week. No surprises there. It shows up like Kramer so I just roll my eyes and tolerate it for one more year.

5. That said, Boise State's gonna be screwed once again. It'll be the LSU-Bama winner vs. the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State winner unless something happens in the Big 12/SEC title game.

This week's Fab 5 (NFL)

1. Chargers face LaDainian Tomlinson for the first time since he left in free agency. It's not a big deal cause it's  in New York but as I came of age, nobody meant more to San Diego than LT. Yet it's rare than anybody leaves San Diego on good terms.

2. Remember when Packers-Vikings used to be that rivalry game? Yeah, not anymore. Packers go 7-0 easily.

3. Suddenly LSU-Auburn became even more must-see TV. No Spencer Ware or Honey Badger Tyronn Mathieu thanks to a suspension. It's must see TV because I want to see how LSU still finds a way to stomp Auburn. Michael Dyer isn't gonna go off because that LSU D-line is still intact.

4. Wisconsin-Michigan State. 1st off, how in the heck did Wisconsin not play a road game so far? 2nd, we're about to see how good the Badgers are because if they beat Michigan State, they might as well order up tickets to come to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl

5. I'm praying my UCLA Bruins don't get blown out in Arizona on national TV Thursday. And by praying I mean hoping we lose by 20 and keep it respectable against the 2nd best QB in the Pac-10, Nic Foles (You thought I was gonna say Matt Barkley? C'mon son).

And if it matters to fantasy heads, I'm 5-1 in both of my leagues. Bow down.

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