Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Football Wrap Week 7 - Part 2 (Dolphins help Heathens Get Their Wish with Tebow)

I have to start by giving props to Lord Tebow. The Golden Child went back to his Sanctuary where they honored his former life as Gater God alongside his former deacons and promptly looked as lost as a false god would to his congregation.

It’s not his fault, he’s an average QB, it’s that fans want so badly for him to be great they overlook that he couldn’t do basic stuff, much less perform miracles.

Then as I left church, I saw the final score and read the recap. Somehow, someway, the Golden Child helped him team score twice in under 3 minutes to tie the game. Then Denver won in OT. I only have explanation – “Divine Intervention” or as us real folks call it, the Dolphins are TERRIBLE!

In all seriousness, this says 1) Miami and Indianapolis are absolutely neck-and-neck in the crapper of the NFL. 2) Tebow’s gifts are his drive and how he inspires his teammates. To paraphrase The Roots, I ain’t saying nothing new. Tebow’s come in to inspire his teammates to play better in a few games now.

I guess he is what he is. I’m not convinced he’ll be a great QB but right now, I’ll let him be. Just tell his followers to shut up and start opening their eyes. This heathen worship is a disgrace to Sundays everywhere.

1. Low twos to that Vikings player with the groin kick. If that were my teammate, I’d be getting ejected for revenge.

2. Don Juan DeMarco Murray!!!!! 253 yards. Granted it was against the Rams but our running game needs the spark. We have Murray and Felix Jones to split carries. Awesome day for the rookie and let’s hope it resparks our running game.

3. That boy Aaron Rodgers ain’t making my argument that Tom Brady is still the best QB in the NFL any easier. But bigs up to Christian Ponder looking like the future in Minnesota.

4. The Colts had 252 net total yards in their JV game against the Saints. Arian Foster by himself had 234 (110+ rushing and receiving yards). Don Juan DeMarco had more by himself.  Hand Peyton Manning the MVP cause it’s clear the Colts are utter dog crap without him. Even more props should go to Matt Cassel because he proved Tom Brady’s value isn’t near to Peyton’s.

5. Ndamukong Suh is not a dirty player. He is ferocious, vicious and perhaps the most intimidating, young defensive player I’ve seen in a long while.

I believe those Falcon players who told on what Suh allegedly said broke a code. We are in a media cycle where folks will latch on to things that went unreported for years. Oh Suh was talking crap after laying a big hit. So what? I hear HS kids do that every Friday on the sidelines. You’re only just now finding out and want football players to be….unlike warriors?

The most violent HS game I covered in terms of hitting was 2 years ago. By my count, at least 6 players from one team were knocked out of the game due to concussions or injury. It was brutal yet after every hit, the crowd/sidelines erupted at first, then calmed down out of respect for the hurt player.

If Matt Ryan suffered a career ending/threatening injury and folks were talking trash upon knowing that, then that’s wrong. However, once you lay somebody out, all you think about is letting them know about it. Fans even cheer and go berserk over a big hit. That is..until said hit leaves a player on the ground a little too long.

We treat football players like gladiators sadly. We celebrate the hardest hitting players and up to a few years ago, we celebrated their hits with no concern. I’ve stated here last year that helmet to helmet hits are a dangerous problem and concussions are no issue to take lightly. Yet with that said, I’m not going to punish somebody for talking trash unless there is proof they did it in a terrible way.

If you think Suh is a terrible player for that, then prepare to start hating a bunch of players because I guarantee it’s been going on for decades and will go on. This is all a part of us waking up to realize just how barbaric and brutal this game really is and has been. Yet in our awakening, let’s not all of a sudden start changing this game from what it is except when it comes to head trauma. 

Violent illegal hits – bad. Trash talk – depends on what was said, who said it. 

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