Friday, August 3, 2012

Congrats Gabby Douglas!

Fly Gabby Fly!!!
If pictures say a 1,000 words, then I have nothing more to write. Watch Dominique Dawes, the only other Black gymnast to win an Olympic gold medal, share beautifully and emotionally why Gabby's win is so poignant for her and, among other, future gymnasts of color.

Folks will talk about the hair dilemma and I won't join the chorus because it's sad on a few levels. 1) The wrong folks will pontificate, 2) it exposed private conversations that never should've been said or taken as hating (unless it was said in self-hate), 3)  4) it reminds me of India.Arie's song "I Am Not My Hair" - "Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person."

I'll also let folks speak on how NBC and others, while praising her, has tried to do a disservice to her accomplishments. Please read those links because even in spite of history, some will still not give full credit where it's due. I saw it in 2010 where they barely gave Black speedskater Shani Davis credit for repeating as an Olympic gold medalist.

Here at the Gumbo, I salute the 16 year old dynamo out of Virginia and her historical achievements. The first Black gymnast to win two gold medals. The first Black gymnast to win the all-around competition. An unashamed Christian who gives credit to God for her poise and skill. A product of a beautiful Black family that supports her (including her Army veteran father) and a great host family that took care of her when she followed her dreams.

This is what the Olympics is about. Joy In Repetition paying off (word to Prince).

Love Gabby's mother throwing up the fist. Her tears and joy have been beautiful.
Since it's in London, I'll paraphrase one of England's best bands. Shine On, You Beautiful Diamond

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