Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Barnes @ Work! (193 Lbs. and Counting)

February 28th's work (Photo by Evan Barnes)
Sunday was my 2-month anniversary of starting my working out. I gave folks an introduction at the end of January and it's time to give y'all an update.

February brought a lot more changes and challenges. None was bigger than leaving my neighborhood course and taking it to the beach. I had been wondering if it was time because I knew that running uphill and on those curves would mean that running on the beach boardwalk would be a breeze.

First time I did it was on Feb. 11 and I ran 2.89 miles. For you mathematically challenged folks, that's just over 1.44 miles straight down and back. The last run I did in my neighborhood was 2.17. Right then, I knew I was going to have some more fun.

February 15, I passed the 3-mile barrier. The boardwalk is so peaceful and beautiful that all I need is my music and it's just following my motto. Eyes down, feet forward, clear mind and push myself to match or beat what I did the day before.

My current weight right now. Total weight lost since starting? 18 and counting

Over the next two weeks, I've been running between 3.1-3.8 miles and when I finish, I come home to do 3 sets of 8 pushups and situps. I passed another goal by running down to the Redondo Beach Pier (1.9 miles and back) on February 21. I'm currently down to 191-193 pounds, which is close to my driver's license weight of 190.

Oh yeah, I also bought some new running shoes. Goodbye Nike Airs that I've had for at least 4-5 years and Hello ASICS Gel Kayano. My feet have a lot more cushion on them so I feel like I'm not running on the concrete.

I'm still continuing my upper body workout every night with my pushups, situps and 15-pound backpack. 2 sets of 10 pushups and situps, 10 bicep/tricep curls, 10 shoulder lifts, 10 chest pulls and then I mix in lunges and other arm exercises when I feel it. I also stretch out my hamstrings with some exercises I learned when I had physical therapy back in 2011.

The fresh kicks that's helping me run better. Thank you ASICS (Photo by Evan Barnes)
The change is obvious when I look at my old videos and notice how big I was. Hearing people give me props on losing weight has been wonderful and it's letting me know that I'm on the right track. I'm challenging myself to keep eating better and get good sleep (I'm now back to sleeping between 1-2 but it's still better than 3 am).

But it's also reminded me not to get caught up in the praise and think I can cheat too much on my eating. I have to learn to balance the praise with my usual desire for more. It's easy to ease up when you hear the good so I have to use it for fuel, not cushions.

Last month, I said I was just doing this to do it but after talking to several friends, there's more that I can reach for. So here goes my plan for March.

- Get to 184-187 lbs.
- Run 2.5-3 miles straight before turning back (I crossed the 2-mile barrier on March 4th!)
- Increase my 2 sets of 10 to 2 sets of 12 and maybe add 3 sets of 10 before bed.
- Look into a 5K run. Seriously, this was something I couldn't even imagine but right about now, why not?

The hallowed 4-mile barrier was passed yesterday, 3/4/13, and I backed it up with 4.04 miles today. (Photo By Evan Barnes)
The end game is still the same. Reclaim my body. Get my health back. Lose weight and improve discipline in other areas. 2 months in, I'm glad at where I've come from and anxious to see where I can go.

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