Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bracketology 101 is now in Session (A Lecture from Prof. Virgo)

Without further adieu, I 2009 NCAA Men's Tournament Bracket (cue music from Ghostface Killah "The Champ")

My rule is usually go with the safe bets but look for a possible upset somewhere beside the 5/12 game. Unfortunately at one point, I had all the No. 9 seeds winning so I had to change that. But unlike most people who just pick randomly, I usually try to watch as much bball as I can in February to catch up what I missed from being a Pac-10/WCC guy all year. Just some quick hits

Final Four: Louisville, Memphis, Pitt, UNC (coincidentally, the same 4 that President Obama has)

Title Game: Louisville vs. Pitt with your national champion.....PITTSBURGH!!!

Sleeper Team: Arizona State and West Virginia - don't sleep on the Sun Devils. James Harden and Co. can defeat Syracuse's 2-3 zone because they have great shooters and play solid defense. West Virginia, well somebody's gonna beat Kansas and Dayton's injuries won't guarantee that.

USC and Utah State and Minnesota will upset their first round opponents and be a tough matchup in Round 2 before they lose.

UCLA: Well my Bruins are heading East for the first time in a while and they get to play 2007's upset special VCU. Eric Maynor killed Duke last year in a game I predicted but if you think that's gonna happen again, you don't know Shipp. As in Josh Shipp playing his best ball at the end of the season unlike last year. Too bad, we're gonna lose to Villanova in a home game but ah well....

Duke: So for the first time in 3 years, I'm not shaky about the Blue Devils' chances to go far. I still think their lack of a post presence could hurt them at some point but they have been on a roll for now despite losing to UNC. I have them going back to the Sweet 16 but losing to a physical Villanova team.

Gonzaga will survive the first weekend for the first time since Adam Morrison went out like a baby in 2006 (still can't believe that punk is a Laker now).

Oklahoma's overrated? Maybe so, but if Arizona State doesn't get them, UNC will in the Elite Eight. Even though a one-man team is better if that one man is a guard than a PF (right, Davidson?), I just can't see Blake Griffin going home early (and like I said, don't sleep on Willie Warren at the PG).

Speaking of the Tar Heels, I'm praying that Ty Lawson is alright. His ankle is the reason I have them losing in the Final 4 but if he's healthy, my bracket could be torn up.

Arizona shouldn't be in there over St. Mary's....but since they are, they'll upset Utah. Reminds of that game in 1998 when Andre Miller had a triple-double in the Elite Eight to upset them (a game I called). Cool story: found out that his mom and my mom worked in the same building.

Alright enough chatter, these are my picks and I'm sticking with them. So sayeth Prof. Virgo, so sayeth Logos.

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