Saturday, March 21, 2009

Up This Week on E-TV

- Bracketology 101 review after the first weekend. By Friday night I was forced to eat my words so I'm staying silent until Monday's VSR. Pac-10 and ACC, I'm bringing some ether for y'all disappointing bums.

- I'm going to San Diego this week so maybe I'll do a post about how much I love the city before, during and after my 4 years at the Univ. of San Diego. I really need to leave L.A. for a bit and clear my head and there's few things better for that than the breeze from the La Jolla Shores/Mission Beach.

- Shout out to one of my favorite bloggers, Dart Adams. Poisonous Paragraphs is one of the best blogs out right now and serves an inspiration to not just me but others as well. Before he goes on his blogging hiatus, stop by and check some of the best writing on hip-hop, sports, movies and much more (link is on my blog list).

- Anybody wanna force me to do my taxes? I keep putting them off like a bad date you don't want to keep but have to commit to.

- Hmmm maybe I need to do some quick hits on music. In lieu of Slim Shady, Black Eyed Peas and others dropping singles/albums this year, I want to clear up some misconceptions folks have (BEP wack since Fergie? 50 Cent irrelevant outside of dissing? Souljah Boy having more hits?)

That's all for now. I gotta rest up for church in the AM and my body is sore from volleyball/quickie basketball/bowling Friday and hanging with my youth group kids in Azusa...note to self: i'm 24, not 14. The spirit is willing to be athletic and playful but the body is weak.

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