Monday, March 23, 2009

VSR: Recap of March Madness Week 1

First weekend of March Madness down, here’s where I stand. 11 out of 16 teams left…and yes I made some terrible picks (West Virginia a sleeper?? Yeah, they sleeping on vacation now). Pretty much, I’m mad at the two conferences I probably watched the most this year – the Pac-10 and the ACC.

Pac-10: Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves. Arizona is the last team standing??? (granted they got lucky because of Cleveland State – more on that later). UCLA got punched around by Villanova in their worst game in 4 years, Cal lost a game they should’ve won. Washington went down to Purdue and AZ State shot all over Syracuse’s zone yet still lost cause James Harden couldn’t score (should’ve seen that coming though, knowing the 2-3 personally well).

At least USC went down with some pride against a Michigan State that was supposed to be tougher (they did shut down Taj Gibson pretty hard). Arizona is playing for pride and with some of those guys lucky to get scholarships, it’s a good story. But Pac-10, overall, YOU GET THE GAS FACE!

*I picked UCLA to lose. Just frustrated how a Ben Howland team looked punchless…they got some height coming next year but they need some dogs who bring that toughness not that finesse.

ACC: Florida State and Wake Forest, tsk tsk tsk. Wasn’t Wake Forest ranked No. 1 at some point? Didn’t they beat UNC and Duke (at home tho)? Y’all flopped worse than 50 Cent’s last album. I was hoping y’all could give Skip Prosser (RIP) some pride this year but this end was not the way to do it. Florida State was that trendy Sweet 16 pick…yeaaah right. Not good to be in Seminole country right now, especially with them sanctions coming down.
You know what, I thought the ACC was wide open this year but nope!. Wake Forest went from being the No. 1 team in the country to getting bounced in the first round by Cleveland State who dominated from the start. So much for Toney Douglas being the star of the tournament...balled his butt off and still went fishing early.

No matter what Duke and NC does, the ACC flopped hard!!! Y’ALL GET THE THIZZ FACE (c) Mac Dre (and my lil friend here)

I was horrible on my 8/9 picks (0-for-4) but I picked two of the three No. 12 seeds to win in the 1st rd. I picked the wrong 6/11 game (Utah State instead of Dayton – and I knew Dayton would win too, had them in my first draft) but I rightly called USC and Western Kentucky as upsets.

The Big East is showing why they’re the best conference in America (5 teams in the Sweet 16). Pitt scared the crap out of me in both games and I’m worried they’re gonna get there’s against someone. But I still think if it’s close, they can pull it out because they have the best closers to seal the deal (Fields, Sam Young and DeJuan Blair). Louisville is probably playing the best out of anyone though. And watch Villanova to upset my Dookies the same way they punked UCLA but on a smaller scale. Gerald Henderson ain't taking that beating without a fight.

The good news is that I still have my Elite Eight and Final Four picks so my bracket has a perfect chance to rebound this weekend. I can’t believe one of my friends had Arizona getting here though.

Funny how the biggest NCAA tourney news is on the women’s bracket as Tennessee lost in the first round. Granted this wasn’t Pat Summitt’s best team but still…Tennesee ALWAYS wins in the tournament. That’s the biggest shock to me (and probably the only time I’ll mention the women’s tournament).

So if I had to grade myself: I'd give myself a B overall. I took a few L's but since the meat of it is still intact, I'm better than most.

Yeah, there's more sports going on but frankly baseball is still a week away and around here, we're so lazy about the Lakers that all we care about is when the postseason starts and optimistic that Bynum might join us at some point.

The MVP race is down to Kobe, LeBron and Wade. To be honest, it really should be between LeBron and Wade and here's why. LeBron has stepped up his defense and Wade is back to the 2006 level before that shoulder injury, not to mention either one of them is a walking triple-double (7 for LBJ this year, and probably closer to 8-10 on the year if not by one or two boards or dimes). Of course Kobe is playing at the same level he did last year, but i think it's a 2-horse race at the moment.

Congrats to the CA State HS Champs from SoCal in basketball: Westchester (5-0 in title games), Windward HS (feat. two blue-chip recruits, a super sophomore and Denzel Washington's son who's an outstanding player in his right), Brea Olinda girls and Long Beach Poly girls making it four in a row and the Rialto Eisenhower boys (the first team from San Bernardino to win it all - the alma mater of the great Ronnie Lott).

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