Friday, June 26, 2009

Hail to the King

I really don't know what to say here yet about Michael Jackson. I have several ideas but without making y'all read a 2,000 word blog just yet, I'm experimenting with them on Twitter.

I dabbled in comparing Michael Jackson's rise to Michael Jordan. I hinted at comparing his rise to his main rival Prince. Maybe I'll explore it but right now I just want to be in the moment and reflect.

I tried my best at the job to do it but how can you try to describe what MJ has done musically. His voice was definitive, high-pitched yet strong and smooth. His music transcended genres while changing what R&B could be. Racially, he brought people of all races together and broke down barriers at a time when radio was still segregated save for a few stars. Socially, he used his fame to bring awareness to Africa and other noble causes. One of the last stars to connect with all ages.

Quite simply, he had a 40-year career that is unmatched. His first 13 years were spent making history with the Jackson 5 - the first Black teen idols that garnered mainstream acceptance - then he reached rarefied air with his solo career from 1979-1993.

Nearly everything he did deserves its own blog (some of them have their own long Wikipedia pages). And yet, we probably never realized enough that he was a son, brother and father. He was ours for so long.

It made me forget the NBA Draft for a minute. It made me take a second look at Farrah Fawcett, who is finally at peace after a brave fight with cancer. It nearly shut down the Internet - how fitting that Mike shut down every other traditional media during his lifetime (television, videos). Peace

A great analysis of Thriller right here.


  1. "He was ours for so long."

    I think this was the best thing you wrote.

  2. Thank you Bree - that's heavy praise considering i literally had no idea how to write this. I'm still mulling over something longer and more fitting but what you said will make me stop and think.