Saturday, June 6, 2009

Random Musings

I used to do this on MySpace a lot when I started blogging - just letting y'all swim in my stream of consciousness for a bit

It's funny how electric cars were supposed to be the wave of the future. In junior high back in 1996, I remember reading in science magazines how they were going to be popular and charging stations were going to sweep the nation. Well the stations are there if you look hard for them but the cars, however, aren't. Just something I thought about as I parked at the LA Convention Center for the L.A. Sparks game today.

Jay-Z's "Death of Autotune" takes off from the soul sound of American Gangster and just kills this modern era of hip-hop. In one soulful sweep, he targets skinny jeans, ringtone rappers, and finally - the tool of choice for T-Pain, Lil Wayne, his buddy Kanye and others. Lest you think the song won't connect, Jay already killed the people wearing jersey trends on The Black Album "I don't wear jerseys, I'm 30+...give me a crisp pair of jeans, button-ups."

After each Belmont Stakes, I feel like we're never going to see a Triple Crown winner for a while. That race is so hard for horses to run and I just don't think many are built to win it after the first two legs.

"We are born to make a difference, we live to figure out how" - something I thought about last week and something I'll expand on later.

My picks for best albums of the year: Green Day and UGK although it's really been an interesting year for albums. I feel like there's a lot of good to great albums but little is standing out. I still need to buy the albums from Silversun Pickups, The-Dream and Busta Rhymes but I haven't heard too much that I'm rushing for. Any ideas?

Random sighting today: Snoop Dogg at the Sparks' game and chillin in their locker room. Who knows how many fans they'll attract with the lineup they have but my verdict on their Farmers Insurance Group sponsored jerseys - No Good.

Can't let today go by without mention the anniversary of D-Day. It was one of the greatest tactical missions ever and effectively signaled the tide turning in World War II (Europe-wise). Much respect to any veteran still alive and we're praying for the troops abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm personally against the Iraq War but the troops just follow orders. Let Jay get the final words here...

"All my soldiers in the field, I will wish you safe return, but only love kills war, when will they learn."

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