Monday, June 22, 2009

Why Perez Hilton had this coming

Let’s be honest, if you didn’t think somebody was going to knock out celebrity blogger/Grade A-hole Perez Hilton at some point, you’ve got another thing coming. You can’t rack up a list of targets (Lily Allen, Noreaga, Miss CA, now Black Eyed Peas) and expect nobody to stand up man to man and tell you how they felt.

P. Hilt is not a fan of BEP – fair enough. At the Much Music Awards show, he called Fergie ugly, which isn’t going to go over well with anyone. I don’t read his garbage but apparently he’s insulted her personally a few times. did the right thing and approached Hilton about what he said regarding the group. He doesn’t like them – fair enough, Will knows that for all the millions his group sold, he doesn’t have a lot of fans (BEP got booed at Rock the Bells here in L.A. despite playing their very first album).

He did the right thing by stepping to him and agreeing to disagree. But Hilton took it too far by calling Will a faggot. Is he surprised then Will’s GM Polo went Mike Tyson on his face? I went to bed reading this on Twitter with a smile and woke up with an even bigger one (maybe more so because I finally got my first good night’s sleep in 3 days)

Let’s recap. Perez Hilton done effed up by 1) calling someone ugly while their posse is nearby, 2) calling another man a faggot in public – still one of the most unacceptable things you can do, 3) Tweeting about getting beaten like an attention whore instead of calling the police, 4) blaming when you know good and well somebody else laid you out.

Here’s the problem with anyone who wants to defend Hilton. He’s a bully. Worse than that, he’s an E-Bully – a 21st century gossip hound who instead of picking on people in public, he does it behind a screen. He believes in telling it like he sees it and woe unto you if you disagree or are the target of his venom. Bullies push buttons and when they push the wrong one, they get whatever they deserve.

He’s started fights with Lily Allen and Noreaga, among others. He called Miss California a “bi-ch” for her opinion on gay marriage. He thinks he’s the guardian of social life in Hollywood because he throws parties and knows people but really he’s nothing but an example of media gone wrong. did the right thing by approaching Hilton. If you’re gonna have the balls to call someone out and slander them, have the balls to stand there and listen when they confront you decently. Will’s not a violent guy but if y’all remember the Black Eyed Peas aren’t punks either. Who remembers when Ashton Kutcher tried to punk them and they nearly beat down several LAPD officers in the process? BEP may have gone pop but they still ain’t nothing to F’ Wit – that episode never aired for good reason.

Also if you defend Hilton, you are saying that what he said to instigate the situation should not be punished. By all accounts – including his own – he escalated things with his words. Okay fine, walking away would be the “right” thing to do, BUT put yourself in a tense situation with adrenaline racing. Is the right thing to do the easiest? No.

Perez Hilton did the equivalent of the fan throwing a beer cup on Ron Artest after the situation was calm. And just like I don’t blame Artest for his response, I don’t blame Will’s people. Plus you use a word that has become taboo just like other slurs (nigger, chink, wetback, etc…) and expect no response? The guy had it coming, folks.

Then in his video, he plays the victim, calling’s manager unprofessional for hitting him. In the same breath, he calls Fergie “fugly” – it’s like an idiot who doesn’t get the message because he’s too stupid.

That moment was bigger than’s manager cold-cocking him, that was a lesson in not playing Russian Roulette with your words because sooner or later, the gun will go off. But this is part of a bigger issue, something I'll address in my next blog post tomorrow on why free speech is not free.

(And in case you think I'm bluffing again, it's already done and waiting to be copied and pasted on here - i'm just letting this one breathe).


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  2. alot of good points...good stuff evan