Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Hate Being Interrupted - Thank You Adam Lambert

I was gonna talk about Albert Pujols winning his 3rd MVP but this Adam Lambert thing interrupted me. I really hope this is the last time I mention his name on E-TV and I had trouble finding an appropriate pic on Google Images that I could use.

So Twitter and Solange Knowles are upset about Lambert being axed by Good Morning America after his racy performance at the American Music Awards. I saw it - over the top, forced shock value and all - and I guess the West Coast censors didn't show him kissing a dude or forcing a dancer to pretend to give him oral. What in the name of David Bowie was he thinking?

Then Adam tried to claim it was a double standard - bringing up what Britney/Christina/Madonna did 6 years ago. But here's where he was wrong.

1. That happened on MTV. You were on ABC. Major difference in how award show performances get perceived on basic cable.

2. You simulated oral sex!!!! Gay or straight, you can't do that on television. No excuse for that. Kissing a guy is one thing ("Flash Forward" on the same network showed two women kissing) but simulating sex will always come back to punish you.

And if you want to claim double standard, I actually think he got what he deserved - the network cancelling him from his next appearance. That stuff has happened for years and people have been banned for far less (Bo Diddley/The Doors/Elvis Costello were tame compared to what he did).

What he and his fans and Solange seem to forget is that five years ago, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake did the same thing at an even bigger event and in front of a bigger audience. As a result, Janet was banned from the Grammys and Justin only showed up because he apologized at the ceremony.

So if Janet got banned from the biggest music party of the year for having her boob ripped out, is it a shock really that Lambert was cancelled from only a morning talk show for what he did? If anything, ABC did the right thing because if not, THAT would be a double standard because what he did was far worse than Janet (who ironically opened the AMA's).

This isn't about America flipping out over men kissing (although most will probably never accept that) and no need to turn this into a gay rights issue. It's about responding to what's inappropriate and sex acts at an award show are definitely not.

Now back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

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