Thursday, February 24, 2011

Electric Relaxation: White Stripes "Fell In Love With A Girl"

With news last month that the White Stripes have officially disbanded, I figured I'd take it back to when I first heard the song that was probably the best 2 minutes of rock of the 2000's.

Rock was starting to come back with Staind ruling the airwaves and The Strokes bringing in a new sound (they'll get their own ER post soon). I was just starting to listening to the local rock station more than the hip-hop one because I felt like rock was challenging my ears more and more of my friends were into it. Then I heard "Fell in Love With a Girl" and it sounded like nothing else on the radio.

The blistering guitar, the snarling yet incessant vocals, the power drumming. And only 2 people made this sound???!!!! You couldn't tell me that only Jack and Meg White made the sound of a full garage band. No way!

Then I saw the video. Easily one of the coolest videos of 2002 and one of the most innovative videos of the decade. Remember, this was when hip hop videos were super flashy and rock videos were pretty tame. It only added to their aura of this raw band from Detroit that wasn't going to sound or look like anybody else. Course back then, we were still wondering if Jack and Meg were indeed brother and sister.

This song made me excited for rock music. It was a song about falling in love and captured the confusion of not being sure what to do. It was powerful and heartfelt. Joss Stone tried to give this song more soul but even though I loved it then, it can't hold up to Jack's unique take.

Everything about them was fresh and original as they followed the tradition of the MC5 and Ted Nugent's Detroit sound. As history would show us, they stamped their own mark on rock music with classic songs like "Seven Nation Army" and "Icky Thump". They stayed famous but never lost their edge or creative force.

Now it's a memory as Jack continues his work with the Raconteurs and Dead Weather. I feel happy to know that I remember the exact moment when I heard a song that was a gamechanger and still sounds as brilliant as it did first time. Thanks for the memories, Jack and Meg.

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