Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday Tidbits

My favorite commercials

- Eminem's Chrysler commercial. Say what you want about him but he's always been loyal to Detroit. It reminded me of his video for "Beautiful" which was almost a love letter to the city. A commercial with a soul.
- Actually Eminem in general. He's never done commercials but after 2 that were out of the box, he won. The Brisk one was hilarious too and I'm glad Em can poke fun at himself again.
- Doritos killed the game this year. Almost all of their commercials were funny and creative. Except for one I'll get to later.
- Fast and Furious 5. I saw a trailer preview last year and the only reason I'm geeked is because this is the finale and everyone is coming back. 10 years after F+F 1, this has to end well because F+F 4 was a surprisingly good one.
- Darth Vader and Volkswagen. Cute, funny and unlike most non-food commercials, didn't wait too long to get to the point (*cough cough* Audi).
- Okay, the Pepsi Max commercial with the Black couple was actually funny at the end. So it had obviously bad stereotypes that most folks can admit, but it diffused the tension with that can knocking the girl out. Didn't expect that.
- The Chevy car after the first date had genuine emotion. But I don't know if I'd use OnStar to check Facebook.

Commercial fails
- Repeat after me. If your commercial takes way too long to tell me what you're selling or you uses too many distracting gimmicks without me knowing what for. You failed. The Audi commercial was a flop cause I didn't get the visual metaphor and I know the average person sure as heck didn't either (Kenny G was funny though)
- Snickers gets low twos for rehashing their 2010 SB ad with Richard Lewis and a nearly unrecognizable Roseanne Barr. Not funny, not creative and almost annoying.
- The only Doritos commercial that sucked was the guy sucking the finger off 1 guy and ripping the pants off another to taste the cheese dust. Let somebody try that and they'll get 5 knuckles in their mouth. Disgusting and a cheap laugh attempt that backfired.
- If you still get suckered by's teasing, you might want to stop leaving milk and cookies for Santa. Their ads are tired and Danica Patrick is barely keeping them afloat.
- Transformers 3? Cowboys and Aliens? At least the new Pirates movies looked interesting for reasons I don't know but those two movies make me say huh and why??

So somehow I didn't realize Christina Aguilera flubbed the national anthem until Twitter starting blowing up. It's one of the hardest songs to sing and maybe Christina got nervous which surprises me because she's performed it great at Staples Center several times. I feel bad cause I thought she did a great job and looked good as usual. But ah well.

Finally, the Black Eyed Peas at halftime. Deep breaths......*removes palm from face*

I thought it couldn't get worse when they were announced because at least BEP puts on a good show despite my hate for them. Boy was I wrong. They just stood there and rapped with no passion and a lot of distractions. They showed why a lot of hip-hop acts suck live because they have no presence and just stand there.

That's the final straw for BEP losing my respect. Losing their great live show and coming across like the robots they sound like in their records. That performance had no soul and Fergie sounded terrible. Axl Rose should call Slash first thing in the morning to ask about a reunion because that was uuuuuuuuuuugly.

Fergie was a decently great rock singer (peep her cover of Heart's Barracuda) but that performance w/Slash was terrible in every sense of the word. No sex appeal, zero enjoyment and a disgrace to G'N'R.

Usher showed up out of nowhere to dance around for a while which summed up why I thought the whole sucked. It was disjointed and felt completely rushed as BEP ran through hits with no timing - kinda like, oh yeah let's end with "I Got a Feeling" because that makes sense. Almost like the NFL wanted to pick a modern act who would suck so badly they'd make us stop complaining about the older acts. Sabotage I tell ya!

At least the game was great because the commercials outside of Doritos were flat or great. If only Old Spice could've brought back Isaiah Mustafa for one more ad....

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