Monday, October 15, 2012

Football Wrap Week 6A: More Irish Luck

I now have another reason to dislike Stanford, a program I've never been fond of since their basketball team was a national power in the mid-90's. As I wrote last week, they were my new Great Hope to send Notre Dame fans back into reality.

But in the rain of South Bend - a scene fit for poetry - their old conservative ways caught up to them as they lost in overtime. Three points I have.

1. Why did David Shaw call for 4 straight run plays up the middle on the 4-yard line? No creativity against a stingy defense. No running Josh Nunes for a bootleg or spreading out the offense to fool the defense. Hard-headed.
2. We know why Notre Dame got that call as Stepfan Taylor clearly had forward progress going to the end zone. To paraphrase what Jimmy Johnson’s said in "The U" - never go to Notre Dame and leave the game in the hands of the refs.

3. The fact I'm bringing up old stories from 24 years ago says that Notre Dame is probably back. Guess I gotta deal with the fact Notre Dame’s not going anywhere for a while cause that schedule is very favorable.

After Oklahoma whipped Texas like they stole something, I guess they're my next hope. Can't even say that with a straight face.

On to the tidbits

Down goes West VA: Geno Smith didn’t throw a pick but his shaky defense means we have the 3rd straight year of a QB superstar hampered by something out of his control.

(Go head and Braxton Miller of Ohio State to that list. Might be the most underrated QB in the land because he’s raw and OSU’s on probation but he has absolutely no D)

Let me go ahead and point out that my favorite defensive player of the year? Gamecocks sophomore Jadeveon Clowney. I’ve dubbed him The Freak and I love watching him terrorize the last two years.

Speaking of South Carolina, thank you for mucking up the newly minted BCS poll. Your loss made Florida beating LSU look prettier and move them above Oregon. Nice work. 

I almost forgot about Montee Ball but I can’t overlook a great game. Career high 247 yards beating Purdue and probably earned himself back on NFL scouts’ radar.

Finally, an example of tackling gone bad and ingenuity by Ole Miss’ Jeff Scott. 

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