Monday, October 1, 2012

Football Wrap Week 4A: CFB on Steroids, Geno Smith and a Top Ten?

What happened Saturday in college football can only be described as football on steroids. An offensive explosion that showed how the game has changed up to this point. Some of the crazy numbers.

1) 5 guys passed for over 500 yards. Only 1 had done it all season so far. There were 6 performances last year total. So we’ve reached that by Week 5.

2) 2 guys had over 300 receiving yards in the SAME game. 4 more guys had 200+ receiving yards on the day.

3) Tennessee and Georgia combined for 95 points – 4 more than West Virginia and Baylor had combined after THREE quarters. Who said the SEC played defense?

Even as Beat ‘Em Down Month finally ends, that’s ridiculous. We’re seeing guys set passing records at crazy rates. You can blame the rise of the spread offenses that’s even trickled down to the HS level (and also the number of offensive geniuses in CFB).

It's happening in the pros and the high school level. Football is resembling a video game - like playing Bo Jackson, the Buffalo Bills or the 49ers in Tecmo Bowl.
I also heard that UCLA head coach Jim Mora said that a big difference he’s noticing between the NFL and college is that the NFL can stop great offenses. In college, some guys are going to score no matter what you do because of personnel. It’s something NFL defensive guru Monte Kiffin has found out as the USC defensive coordinator.

With rule changes to keep defenders from being too physical with wide receivers, guys have more freedom to roam and catch passes.  I wonder if that’s an unintended consequence of the protecting players from hard hits and concussions considering the NHL has also seen similar advantages.

Either way, it’s fun to watch but also taken with a grain of salt when evaluating who the best QB’s are. Putting up high numbers doesn’t always translate well and good luck to the defensive coordinators who are a few big plays away from being victimized on the Beat Em Down Express!

On to the tidbits.

Congrats to West Virginia winning the Tecmo Bowl vs. Baylor. The wildest offensive shootout I’ve seen in some time. But I didn't need that game to know Geno Smith is THAT dang good. Just ask Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

After beating Arizona, Oregon State is legit y’all. Might be the best Beaver team I’ve seen since 2006. USC is lucky they don’t have to face them.

Congrats to Ohio State proving they are the best Little 10 team in the country. Not saying much though.

Shouts out to Tennessee DB Byron Moore Jr. The former prep All-American here at Narbonne High School (who attended USC and Harbor College) had a pick-6 and is tied for 2nd nationally with 4 INT's on the year.

Speaking of overrated, Alabama being the best SEC team doesn’t really mean much after Georgia’s defense got lit up, South Carolina struggled vs. Kentucky and LSU struggled for a quarter and a half against Towson.

Good luck trying to rank the Top 10 right now. After the Crimson Tide, I don’t really see that many great teams besides Oregon or Florida State. Just a few good teams capable of losing any given Saturday.

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