Monday, April 19, 2010

Groupie Chicks

I still remember reading something in Blender that boggled my mind. Franz Ferdinand, at the peak of their rise on the music scene, said that they hated groupies. It was strange because groupies and bands go together like PB + J but it said a lot about where they stood.

Groupies are part of the entertainment business. I always wondered why famous people like to share women, it never made sense to sleep with somebody who's been around the block (then again, I saw it in college with athletes and frat guys who got plenty of booty from the same chicks). But the problem is that they were part of the code that were talked about but never given much shine.

Think about it. Groupies in rock and roll usually got famous AFTER their "prime" - you usually heard about them in their 40's-50's and their stories would be as legendary as the music/era they lived in.

Now things have changed. Karrine Steffans pretty much opened the door for groupies in hip-hop to get book deals for doing nothing but telling freaky tales.

I don't respect any woman that blatantly uses sex to get ahead - mainly because a man will never respect you. A man will only see you for one thing and will use you for it. If you call that power, guess who's still on top -literally.

Women try to use men by trapping them with sex to get ahead. They figure it's worth a shot because they get connections and meet people. But again, what exactly is that worth - everybody knows who you are, what you do.

The sad thing is they feel scorned because some rapper didn't pay them or pretty much reneged on some deal. Guess what? That's what you get. Can you really trust most of these dudes to be honest after they got what they want?

That's why I hate this Kat Stacks chick. She's bitter because she got screwed by a few rappers on money. Well guess what, why should we care?? Why do you deserve a platform??? Unless a rapper did something egregious, a groupie should NEVER be given a chance to air her stories out.

That's the risk you take. Forgive me for being cold but unless you were forced to have sex, whatever happens as a result is partly your fault.

I feel bad for women who feel this is the only way to get a break in the industry. You can bet most of them have had poor excuses for father figures who didn't show them that a man should respect their mind moreso than their body. The classier the lady, the more you can see a strong male who made sure they'd end up that way.

If anything, groupies need to encourage women not to follow their footsteps. Make a man respect you for your mind, not play with it by using you a sex object. Sex isn't just a physical act - if anything, this proves it's psychological and mental.

As a man, I'm taking a stand. Groupie chicks annoy me and they are sad. Their arrogance makes them less to be pitied and more to be hated. Go back in the shadows and be anonymous - and message to hip hop publications, don't give them or their stories a chance. Save that for the gossip sites or message boards.

(Male groupies exist too - to y'all, I say listen to Track 11 from Ice Cube's classic AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted)

For a good anti-groupie song, listen to Talib Kweli "Broken Glass" or Nas "Black Girl Lost"

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