Friday, April 2, 2010

Electric Relaxation: Third Eye Blind "Bonfire"

One of my favorite alternative bands made a comeback last year that nobody probably heard. Third Eye Blind's latest album or singles didn't make a dent on the radio like their hits from a decade ago (so weird saying that) but it was just as good as anything they've done in a while.

This song is one of the best from the new album Ursa Major. It's so chill and you can imagine hearing it at a bonfire or as background music while you're driving home from a good night. It describes in a nutshell why I love 3rd Eye Blind - they make music that'll put you in a good mood.

Who doesn't still smile when they hear "Never Let You Go" or "Semi-Charmed Life." I was talking to someone on Twitter last year and it made me realize Stephan Jenkins is an underrated songwriter - great melodies, the right delivery, pop-friendly sound and cryptic words that show his vulnerability and dark side.

It's the same reason I like Matchbox Twenty although they're a bit heavier (and Rob Thomas' voice adds to that) - their music sounds uplifting even if the lyrics are a bit dark.

Anyways, enjoy this song. I was shocked when the LA Times gave this album a great review, saying its a return to form and an inspired comeback album. It's good driving music - just listened to again on the way to Bakersfield last week - and worth the buy for most of my peeps who remember growing up to the self-titled and Blue Albums in middle and high school.

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