Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poetry Corner "This Night Was Ours"

This Night Was Ours
EJB 4/21/10
(This is the first poem I've written in over a year. It's hard writing poetry when it used to come easily to me but this was written like I how I used to be - off the top, freestyle, no worries about form.)
This night was ours.
We owned every inch from start to finish.
Now we walk as strangers in foreign land,
Wondering when it passed us by
Are we vampires or lost souls?
Either way, we cant wake up and realize its moving time.
Time to fly away
But we're slaves to the thrill
An empty thrill
Thirst no longer satisfied.
But we return every night like drones because we hope
One day, a night will be different
One day, our glory will return
Those new faces will greet us like heroes
But those are far and few
And we return home. Dazed, confused
The night was ours.
These streets were our haven
The escape from worries, the pathway to joy
Every bar was our crowded refuge.
What happened to these familiar sights?
The welcomed hugs turned into cold stares
Go through the motions cause we’re led by hope
Fools marching to the same old drum beat
Remember that night, we walked with pride
Now we walk with insecurity
Yes the night was once ours
But now it’s a lonely reminder of the past.

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