Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rock The Bells 2010 - Classics Galore!

The best hip-hop festival in the country has revealed its lineup this year and contrary to rumor - Lauryn Hill is not headlining. However, she will be there in some capacity, let's hope that includes singing/rapping pleeeeeease.

Here's my rundown of the big ones.

- KRS-One doing Criminal Minded - never seen the Teacher live so this will be cool (Fresh for 2010, youuuuu suuuuckas!!!)
- Rakim doing Paid in Full: I saw Ra back at the 08 Rock the Bells. Not a great performer live but just hearing him rock classics like "I Aint No Joke" "I Know You Got Soul" and "My Melody" again will be dope.
- Slick Rick doing his debut: "Children's Story" was the first rap song I knew by heart and I've never seen the Ruler perform.
- Wu-Tang Clan performing 36 Chambers: Anyone who knows hip-hop knows this has one of the hardest intros in history. Bring the Ruckus!!!!!

To be fair, the Wu have been represented at Rock the Bells quite often since their last show with Ol Dirty Bastard in 04. I saw them in 07 and Meth, Ghost and Rae in 08. Still worth seeing full force but I'm disappointed there wasn't a surprise that made you say whoa like Lauryn Hill or a reunited Goodie Mob (who's worked with Guerilla Union before).

I'm hyped to see the Clipse and Yelawolf. Yelawolf's a dope MC from the South that got some good run on Late Night with Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg and of course the Clipse have classic joints to rock for days.

Best news is that they left the awful amphitheater in Devore and are taking this back to the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino. I've heard its a better arena so we'll see what happens. And for once, it doesn't coincide with my Pastor's annual banquet so I'm there.

They've scaled back RTB considerably - only four shows and none international - and even though that sucks a bit, it's the economy, stupid (c) James Carville. Let's hope the quality of the show and the fan turnout doesn't get affected.

*wishes for Ice Cube, Ms. Hill or Goodie Mob among the surprises to be named later.*

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