Friday, September 17, 2010

26! And Other Tidbits on today

So I'm finally 26 years old today. The last year of the mid-20's before it all goes downhill to the 30's. Watching Home Alone trying to remind myself of what it was like to be young again, when Kevin McCallister was the coolest kid ever and Mario/Sonic the Hedgehog were the only characters I wanted to be.

Courtesy of Wikipedia, here's some coolness on my born day

- The Battle of Thermopylae started today in 400 BC. In other words. SPARTA!!!!!!!!! 300!!!!!!

- Boston was founded today in 1630. A good reason to toast my bro Sam out there.

_ The US Constitution was signed in Philly in 1787.

- Francis Scott Key finished some simple poem called "The Star Spangled Banner." I wonder if he was as good a lawyer as he was a writer.

- 1862: The Battle of Antietam in Maryland during the Civil War. The worst single day battle in American History (23,000 dead). A reminder that with joy, there's pain.

- Some organization called the NFL was founded in 1920. There's living proof somewhere that Al Davis was present at that meeting.

- The Camp David Peace Treaty was signed. 30 years, President Carter's still living off this golden moment.

- Vanessa Williams becomes the first Black Ms. America. 26 years later, that show is irrelevant and Vanessa is still doing high profile work. Who won?

There's a reason I love sports and history. It all came together on my birthday. Let's toast all the cool folks who share my born day.

- Rube Foster (The genius behind the Negro Leagues and an intimidating pitcher in his day)

- William Carlos Williams, a Modernist poet and genius of simplicity.

- Anne Bancroft. A reason why I'm drawn to older women? Forever Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate" and made Mel Brooks happy til her passing.

- Orlando Cepeda: Even though he's mainly a Giant, he's a Rookie of the Year, All-Star, Hall of Famer, 1967 MVP in leading the Cardinals to the World Series and a pioneer for Latino Ballplayers. The 1st Puerto-Rican to start an AS Game and the only man to be a unanimous winner of ROY and MVP.

- Phil Jackson: Most successful coach in NBA history. From hated winner to the reason the Lakers are the Team of the 2000's

- John Ritter (RIP - I remember him as the dad from Problem Child growing up before i knew what 3's Company was)

- Bryan Singer: His legacy will always be directing the genius "Usual Suspects" whether or not you like X-Men 1 or 2.

- Doug E. Fresh: The Human Beat-Box. A legend. That's why you can't teach me how to Dougie, I'm naturally fresh!

- Jimmie Johnson: 5 years from now, he'll be one of the greatest race car drivers of all time. Right now? Just simply the best behind a wheel and one of the best things El Cajon ever produced besides killer heat.

- Alex Ovechkin: The face of the NHL besides Sidney Crosby. Sid the Kid's better by far but today's my bday, let the guy get some positive love.

Greatness all around. This is the highlight of Virgo Season for me - enjoying the coolness of 9/17. :) Let's have a toast shall we!


  1. Happy bday again my man.

    Francis Scott Key - from MD & hit song was written in Bmore. I'm pretty sure his ghost is a Ravens fan.


    I played with Doug E Fresh on my bday so we got that indirect connect with DEF.

    You're still climbing the hill homey. The downhill don't start for a WHILE.

    Enjoy it all

  2. Hahaha nah I think y'all rather have Edgar Allan Poe's ghost than Francis - dark, brooding and just brilliance all around.

    Vanessa - has she ever taken a L? Dominating in two mediums, being the hottest Laker wife for a while, bout to add some buzz to Desperate Housewives. WIN!

    You gotta tell me that Doug E. story one day, that's sick. And yea, 30 is coming but I got a looong while til then. haha thanks again bro.