Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Football Wrap Week 3: Hot N More HOT!

Pardon me as I'm still trying to get comfortable in this heat. It's close to 2 AM and I'm still dreading how I'm gonna sleep after the hottest day in LA history leads into a hot night. Let's recap the football weekend shall we?

Friday Night, I covered a HS game here that most people will probably never know about. Two schools (Lawndale and St. Bernard's - the latter you'll remember from "The Wood") who played one of the best games I've seen.

79 combined points. 27 in a wild 4th quarter of back and forth action. A sack to end the game. One St. Bernard WR had 341 yards and 3 TD's (on 9 receptions) while two Lawndale players had 115+ rushing yards. The St. Bernard QB had 412 yards and 5 TD's

It was a battle of Lawndale's power running offense and St. Bernard's pass happy, spread offense. And the MVP of the game might have been a St. Bernard's defender who not only made the game-ending sack but also had a 63-yd TD on a fumble recovery in the 2nd quarter.

You can read my recap here but it's the classic nobody saw.

Saturday, I expected to see my UCLA Bruins put up a good fight in Austin. I never expected them to run all over Texas and keep them out of the end zone until the game was well in hand.

To put it simply, we owned Texas like it was 1997 all over again. The classic 66-3 butt whuppin that sparked the last glimmer of hope the UCLA program had. What a game by Jet Ski Franklin, Derrick Coleman, Akeem Ayers, Patrick Larrimore and Sean Westgate!

Almost makes me glad me and my godbro left Chili's in the first half because the Texas fan at the bar would've left mighty sad and angry. But remember this, UCLA owns TX and suddenly our season got optimistic.

Of course, there's that small matter of Kevin Prince only throwing 8 passes. No faith. No confidence and best of all, you're just Mark Sanchez without his gifts. Manage the game, don't screw up and pray you give the defense some rest. But at least we have some hope

Other college notes

- Alabama may not be as good as last year but they're still the best team in the country. Arkansas just got sent back to the woodshed after blowing that game.

- That said, Boise State keeps on proving why they need to play in the title game. Locked up the Rogers Bros. of Oregon State in their victory and they're doing what they have to.

-  Don't know what's more impressive. Terrelle Pryor's 6 total TD's for Ohio State or that cupcake teams still want to play the Buckeyes (minus 1 big game of course). No respect for them or SEC teams not playing tougher non-conference games.

- USC's the worst 4-0 team in the country. Wish I could say Washington gets them Saturday but they're an even bigger mess.

- My alma mater University of San Diego. finally won a game! 1st shutout since I graduated. Bravo to the Toreros! (Butler may be good in basketball but they're always good in football for an easy win)

- Florida-Bama is gonna be close this weekend but I still like Bama because one speedy dude in Jeff Demps isn't gonna outscore Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Julio Jones. Florida's defense is gonna get exposed something fierce.

- Every time Stanford beats Notre Dame, a part of me jumps for joy. More karma for shortchanging Ty Willingham five years ago.

Sunday, my phone died and couldn't charge so I missed tweeting my glee for the Cowboys finally getting a win and shutting up my fam on Twitter talking bout their Houston Texans.

1-2 teams don't flex though. We got work to do to get back to .500. And Roy Williams? Thanks for showing up big!

Speaking of freaking 1-2, somebody needs to light a fire under the Chargers special teams. Dexter McCluster scoring in Week 1 in KC was bad enough, but Leon Washington twice Sunday? IN THE SECOND HALF!

The ST coaches oughta pay Phil Rivers their salary cause our QB threw his arm off to try to win that game. 455 passing yards and he needed a few more. Another slow September and like it or not, Vincent Jackson's dumb, moronic behind will be missed.

Malcom Floyd is still feeling his way as a #1 WR. Legadu Naanee is showing promise but he's still getting game experience. I like Antonio Gates but lining him up as a wideout only shows not just how athletically gifted, it shows how much the Chargers lack a proven WR right now.

Other NFL notes

- Michael Vick. MVP? Not yet but man, is he looking good each week.

- Raise your hands if you thought the Bears, Chiefs and Steelers would be 3-0 right now.

(looks like Rashied Davis is the only one)

- Speaking of the Bears, was that another Devin Hester sighting Monday? Returning a kick for a TD? Yeah he had a big TD against Dallas last week but the old Hester came back last night.

- Oakland's scaring me. And not in a good way - could they finally be getting it together?

- Did I say NO kicker Garrett Hartley had ice water in his vein last week? Turns out that was just frozen vomit cause he choked THAT badly Sunday and his job is in jeopardy (kicks off fantasy team)

- Repeat after me. Mark Sanchez is NOT a Top-10 QB. He wins games by his management not his skills. That last drive was all about LT running like it was 2006 and penalties. I like Sanchez but don't slobber him up just yet. He's just Trent Dilfer.

- Braylon Edwards. You're one lucky dude. Learn from this latest mistake. Hittin the dougie after that nice TD was cool but it's time to grow up and be a man.

No fantasy talk this time. I need to regroup and get my teams back on track. Toodles and Oodles of O's while I wrestle with the Devil's fumes in this house.


  1. Yo! Late on this.
    Great comparison with Sanchez and Trent Dilfer. I see that as a positive more than anything.
    Agreed he's not Peyton or Tom Brady. But it's way better than being a Kyle Boller or Brady Quinn.
    Props to Sanchez for learning to value and protect the ball- and to Rex for putting good strategy to use.

    Trent- Ravens- SB 2000- Yes!

  2. Dead on assessment. Being Dilfer in 2000 aint a bad thing - he's a great game manager who does things right. It's the best way for a young QB to get settled. Pete Carroll taught him well.